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  1. TegHans

    Punjabis On Top: The Mixtape (BAGZQ & Teg Hans)

    Proud to present our biggest mixtape of the year, Punjabis on Top. We went the extra mile with this one and threw in everything from popular songs to underground stuff, both in Punjabi and English. Give it a listen, share, like, and most importantly leave us some feedback! Full tracklist is...
  2. TegHans

    Week 5: Bracket B - Final Matchup (Voting Closed)

    This is a damn hard song to mix. It's got a bunch of accidentals in its scale making it incompatible with a lot of instrumentals. YWF and Jasraj's track were close but even that went out of pitch when Lehmber's voice drops down and hits those low accidentals. Based on the overall presentations...
  3. TegHans

    Week 5: Bracket A - Final Matchup (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Safe mix, background elements meshed in nicely with no issues. The guitars from party in the usa worked nicely but the vocals didnt as much. DJ 2: More impactful of a mix than DJ 1's but could not help but notice the messiness in terms of pitch and chaos in the background. DJ 1 for me
  4. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: This was such a blue ball of a mix. I was so hyped after hearing that intro but jazzy b's voice was like 2 semitones too low for the instrumental. Also it kept on building up over and over again but didnt really lead anywhere other than a standard drop. Definitely accomplished the saap...
  5. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: This started off nice but fell flat as soon as the opening synth line got taken out. Sounded like the mix ran into a brick wall and had to rebuild itself after that point. However, i will say that it did so pretty well (loved the drum/percussion line). DJ 2: The instrumentals didn't do...
  6. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Clean and unoffensive. The buildup sounded kind of weird but the drop still hit. The second jazzy b song sounded kinda out of place cause it's not the same key/scale as the manmohan waris track. Instrumental in the background did fit well as a whole. DJ 2: Had the right idea with the...
  7. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 5 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: The intro sounded slightly off (by less than .5 semitones) pitch wise so it caused some dissonance. Loved the drums throughout, thought all of that was well placed. Might've been the best use of Going Bad that i've hard so far in a mix. DJ 2: Sick instrumental, but i felt like it wasnt...
  8. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Volumes sounded off esp with the dhad as previously mentioned. The structure of the mix felt like it was building up to something insane but i was let down by the end of it cause it just sounded like buildup after buildup. DJ 2: Sick intro but was kinda long for the time restraints of...
  9. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Interesting take on the song, sounded like Bindrakhia's vocals technically worked with that instrumental but the actual music in the track didn't so it sounded off. Also dont know how i feel about the mix post-buildup. Fell extremely flat coming out of that buildup b/c it didn't have a...
  10. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 - I enjoyed the instrumental (synths) in the back even though it got kinda repetitive. I wish this dj would have done more with it by using a dif part of it or introducing a new instrumental layer on top. Also fell kinda flat as a saap segment. DJ 3 - Loved the flow, could've chilled a...
  11. TegHans

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Full sound but no pitch control. Numb didn't do much for me cause it had nothing to do with the rest of the mix. Was kind of all over the place, but still had direction to it. DJ 2: Percussion fell pretty flat, in the future this dj should work on maintaining a fuller sound so that all...
  12. TegHans

    Week 1: Group C (VOTING CLOSED)

    Below are the mixes for Group C of the Qualifying Round in the mixing ladder! Please vote by ranking your TOP 2 from the mixes below. Feedback is also welcome, and encouraged! Voting closes on Thursday, May 7th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to valid BTF accounts. Newly made...