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  1. mirzaahh

    Impossible to find BOLI

    These boli's are stuck in my head. Cant find the original versions. Link : 0:20-0:40 - Jithey Wajjda Pattadh waangu Gajjda ni Kaala Khoonda Mittran da 0:40- 1'ish - Haye ni tere Pair di Jhanjar, Pukaare...
  2. mirzaahh

    Ranjit Bawa vs Ammy Virk

    This is an off-topic post, all my BTF people would be clearly aware about these two singers. One sings about pure Pendu stuff whereas other sings about a mixed stuff. Ranjit Bawa gave us Jatt Di Akal & Munda Sardara Da while Ammy Virk gave us Bullet vs Chamak Challo & Date etc. Who do you...
  3. mirzaahh


    Hey guys, it's kind of urgent. I am looking for a ONE-TWO liner boli/ kali / sound clip or anything that I can use for the STARTING OF BHANGRA i.e. when the guys are coming out. If you guys can shoot me a link / upload it on the thread; would be really appreciated. Thanks 22Giis !! 8)
  4. mirzaahh

    Anybody got a remix of 'Vatt Jatt Di'?

    Been hearing short clips in many team's remixes. Just wondering if anybody has the full remix? Song Name - Amrinder Kahlon Track Name - Vatt Jatt Di
  5. mirzaahh

    Song help with this one?

    Lines: Mittran ne Mudh Fer Bandey Fookne ni Hathyaar ChakK Laye ! Heard it over here around 5:45
  6. mirzaahh

    Anybody got a sick mix of this song?

    SSA Sareyan Nu!! Does anyone have a mix of Pammi Bai's "Vekhna Je Rangla Punjab Vekh Lao Meleyan Ch Vassda" ?? Thanks!
  7. mirzaahh

    What is the best re-mix of "Teri Sukh - Bhinda Aujla" you guys have ever heard?

    SSA Veero'n! I am assuming everyone has heard the track "Teri Sukh" by Bhinda Aujla (it's apparently categorized as the most requested song on BTF ;D ). I was just wondering if some of you guys could paste what you think is the best re-mix’d version of the song! I tried googl’ing and...
  8. mirzaahh

    A SUPERB dose of fun for all the Bhangra Lovers !!

    You all gotta love this video that i just found ! Video : Superb Lyrics : Amazing Actors : Unmatchable LOOOL IM DYING !
  9. mirzaahh

    Found THE DAMN SONG. THANK YOU GUYS. This version of Surinder Shinda’s “Mirza” ?

    I have never heard this but after “Living in a Brown Fam” got out, I heard this track by Surinder Shinda: Words are: Mirzaah mar palaaki, beh geya uttey bakki de; Kehnda chal ni bakkiye, Sahiba ajj bulaaya ! Anyone...
  10. mirzaahh

    UPDATE: ATTACHED A LINK.. Still searching.. Song Needed - Can't find anywhere

    Well, I have heard it in one of the Bhangra Performances but my apologies i dont remember which one. And I know for a fact that if I can't find it here, ain't no way in hell Ima trace it somewhere else. So here is the track : Jatt na darey ni billo Jatt na darey, kise kolon sohniye ni jatt...