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  1. sartajjudge

    Best Bluetooth/AirPlay Speakers for Bhangra Music

    I'm looking around for high quality speakers (but not anything that will break the bank like Bang Olufsen) that have wireless capabilities- Bluetooth/AirPlay etc. I plan on primarily listening to Bhangra on them. Right now I have a Bose Sounddock II but I'm ready to "cut the wire" and go...
  2. sartajjudge

    Song Request- Audio of GTA v. Dogar without vocals; sound cloud link included

    I was wondering if anyone could post the audio of this song without the vocals. I've heard it before so I know it's out there. ;)
  3. sartajjudge

    Cal Bhangra Song Request

    Does anyone know the name & artist of the song at 2:31. If so, could they preferably post it. This set is so sick! Cal Bhangra at Bollywood Berkeley 2013 Are the 2012-2013 mixes going to be posted like the previous years at the end of this season?
  4. sartajjudge

    Bhangra Knightz Elite 8 Mix Request

    I know Bruin & DDA 2012 was posted by BK earlier this summer, but I'd like to request your Elite 8 mix if possible. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. sartajjudge

    Sikh man apparently kills his family and self in Selma, California

    Saw this article on the home page of MSN:
  6. sartajjudge

    Living in a Brown Family 3.5- AK

    Teaser for his new YouTube video: Living in a Brown Fam #3.5 (LIBF #4 Teaser) Hopefully the full video comes out soon.
  7. sartajjudge

    Kuly from RDB Passes Away

    Just heard the sad news from a friend. This is the only article I could find:
  8. sartajjudge

    Bhangra Performance @ Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors April 12, 2012

    Saw part of the performance on TV today: Not sure what team it is and I couldn't find a video on YouTube yet.
  9. sartajjudge

    Poll: Who do you think will win Elite 8 tonight?

    Might as well have a poll and see what the members of BTF think.
  10. sartajjudge

    Song Help

    Can someone please post the original song. There is another remix of it in the Back to Folk 3 album (Track 23 "Unchi Lambi Hekh") as well.
  11. sartajjudge

    Tohr- Saini Surinder

    Anyone have the full song? I've looked around and could only find a sample of it.
  12. sartajjudge

    President Barack Obama Wishing Everyone A Happy Diwali

    President Obama 's Diwali message:
  13. sartajjudge

    2 Goray going buck to Daler Mehndi

    Pretty funny, check it out: When people listen to Daler Mehndi
  14. sartajjudge

    Lebron James dunking on a little kid at a basketball camp

    Watch at 41 seconds: lebron james dunking on a camper 2011 lol
  15. sartajjudge

    VCU- Official Elite 8 Video by Emdo Entertainment

    I think it was prematurely uploaded but here it is: vcu
  16. sartajjudge

    Jus Reign- Desi Parents and Guests

    Desi Parents and Guests
  17. sartajjudge

    Strangers, again

    This video caught my eye on Youtube under the "Top Favorited" in the "Most Popular" section. It's pretty popular, getting around 25,000 views/hour, and almost 1000 comments every hour. Strangers, again: Strangers, again
  18. sartajjudge

    Reasons Why Women Go To The Club

    Proper jokes: Reasons women go to the club Why do you go to the club? ;D ;) :P
  19. sartajjudge

    Song Name for VCU's Elite 8 performance

    Can someone please name or post the song and artist at 6:26: VCU Bhangra 2011 Elite 8 Thanks.
  20. sartajjudge

    Need Help With a Bhangra Mix

    I made an attempt to make a bhangra mix for a cultural show at my university. It was my first time trying to make a mix so the mistakes are definitely evident at certain parts, especially during song transitions. I'm hoping that someone with more experience can guide me in the right direction in...