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  1. jasjeet

    SONY ACID PRO 7.0 Video Tutorials -How to Make a Bhangra Remix

    Whatsup guys ! gonna be making some basic tutorials for all you that wanna learn the basics.
  2. jasjeet

    Bhangra Jam Session Mix
  3. jasjeet

    song request URGENT

    nachdi at jawani 2k7 whats the song in the beginning where they start playing the algozay 1:28 i know its by kaka just can't remember the lyrics or the name urgent !
  4. jasjeet

    Jhummar concept
  5. jasjeet

    Raw As Folk Boliyan
  6. jasjeet

    Sidhee Gal Hype mix

    check it out
  7. jasjeet

    Shikka Segment-Dj Jsm

    Check this out please leave feedback FULL VERSION w/ dl
  8. jasjeet

    Pop Mashup/Danthology Check it out
  9. jasjeet

    Hass Ke DHOL REMIX
  10. jasjeet

    1950's track sampled{Hiphop beat}
  11. jasjeet

    Calvin Harris Sweet Nothing dub mix

    Check it yaaaalll
  12. jasjeet

    Disk ch Kali remix

    "" Check it out
  13. jasjeet

    Billi Akh Dj JsM Heard the song and just had to make a mix feedback please
  14. jasjeet

    Feedback please check it out non masterd
  15. jasjeet

    Puth Jattan de FULL VERSION**

    Please drop some feed back this is not masterd
  16. jasjeet

    Puth jattan de sample(prod)

    fix* Check it out guys ! plese gimmie feedback i still have to master this track just needa know if i should continue making it or not ! thankyou ps. thanks basim +1
  17. jasjeet


    the song goes like... oh ni tu meryan asharyan te marda marda female singer ! someone please post it
  18. jasjeet

    Shan Punjab Dee @ Bhangra At The Falls 2013

    Shan Punjab Dee @Bhangra At The Falls 2013
  19. jasjeet

    Notorious Jatt 2 Mix Full version NEW

    need feedback !
  20. jasjeet

    Notorious Jatt 2 Mix Full version feed back