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  1. Bajwa99

    Moosewala Mix - PrinceUKMixes

    Absolutely killed it bro!
  2. Bajwa99

    Heart Tunez - ft. Kuldeep Manak & Karan Sandhawalia [prod. Baajmxsic]

    ahaha appan ni hatde!! Appreciate the love fam! <3
  3. Bajwa99

    New track, Tenu Nachdi Dekh Ke featuring Ustad Kuldeep Manak

    sickk!! can't wait, goodluck to you man!
  4. Bajwa99

    Heart Tunez - ft. Kuldeep Manak & Karan Sandhawalia [prod. Baajmxsic]

    Some jamz I did a little production under, ENJOY!
  5. Bajwa99

    Virginia School of Bhangra: BBC XV & MCB Jrs. 2018

    These kids are going to grow up and take over the scene! Stay wokeee.
  6. Bajwa99

    Ustaad Manak Ji - (BAAJ)

    Check out the new mix btf fam!
  7. Bajwa99

    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 2 Info & Callout Thread*

    Challenge Accepted! (:
  8. Bajwa99

    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 1 Info & Callout Thread*

    Baaj (18) challenges DoubleA (17)
  9. Bajwa99

    Comoooonty Debate: Punjabi Top 3s

    Best 3 Current Singers (+/- 2 years): Tarsem Jassar, Ninja, Rajvir Jawanda GOAT 3 Singers: Surinder Shinda, Kuldeep Manak, Surjit Bindrakhia Artists that are underrated/Upcoming : Amar Sehmbi, Prabh Saini, Prince and Rami Randhawa and something to add on Best current producers : Tru-Skool...
  10. Bajwa99

    Rakhe Virse De - Buckeye Mela 2018 (Baaj, Pabla Mix, Aka$h)

    Check out the mix for Raakhe Virse De @ Buckeye Mela 2018!
  11. Bajwa99

    Vendor Feedback

    This is a problem in our own brown culture. Bashing on the success of others, and never supporting someone. Tere tatte dukhde aa? Yeah my boy Aalok had some tough times but everything is squared away with the teams.
  12. Bajwa99

    Today's Mixes on SoundCloud are starting to piss me off

    Yo Mithu tothe tenu churi khawaiye, get the fuck outta here with your sour ass mouth. You always talking smack on almost every thread on BTF. Go get a life.
  13. Bajwa99

    Revenge - (BAAJ)

    New anthem is out, check it out! Shoutout to my bro Pabla Mix for the EQ help!
  14. Bajwa99
  15. Bajwa99

    Pyar ft. Diljit Dosanjh & John Legend [Baaj] *Snippet*

    Check out the new mix! #SentiSzn
  16. Bajwa99

    Need for new judges?

    Definitely agree with some of names u listed above. But just because one has been part of a memorable set or helped create one that does not mean they are qualified to be judging a competition.
  17. Bajwa99

    Need for new judges?

    Teams who have competed over the past 6-12 months please name some judges you think are very well fit to be judging at comps. Two judges I think that should be judging more comps are : Hardeep Sahota Lavesh Pritmani
  18. Bajwa99

    Need for new judges?

    Definitely agree with you bro. A big problem is that committees give rubrics out to teams to show how the comp will be judged and teams try to make their sets by following the rubric. But if the judges don't fully judge based on the rubric then whats the point of a rubric lol.
  19. Bajwa99

    Need for new judges?

    Wanted to see what y'alls thoughts were since recently the scene is moving towards more "Folk" sets. Is there a need for new judges that have a better understanding of "Folk" Bhangra?
  20. Bajwa99

    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Yo do you guys make different colors besides white? Some judges don't really like plastic shikke and white really stands out.