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  1. Bajwa99

    Heart Tunez - ft. Kuldeep Manak & Karan Sandhawalia [prod. Baajmxsic]

    Some jamz I did a little production under, ENJOY!
  2. Bajwa99

    Ustaad Manak Ji - (BAAJ)

    Check out the new mix btf fam!
  3. Bajwa99

    Rakhe Virse De - Buckeye Mela 2018 (Baaj, Pabla Mix, Aka$h)

    Check out the mix for Raakhe Virse De @ Buckeye Mela 2018!
  4. Bajwa99

    Revenge - (BAAJ)

    New anthem is out, check it out! Shoutout to my bro Pabla Mix for the EQ help!
  5. Bajwa99

    Pyar ft. Diljit Dosanjh & John Legend [Baaj] *Snippet*

    Check out the new mix! #SentiSzn
  6. Bajwa99

    Need for new judges?

    Wanted to see what y'alls thoughts were since recently the scene is moving towards more "Folk" sets. Is there a need for new judges that have a better understanding of "Folk" Bhangra?
  7. Bajwa99


    Check it out!
  8. Bajwa99

    Ki Hoea Je Dhi Jam Pai - Kuldeep Manak

    This just needs to heard and echoed, please listen and enjoy!
  9. Bajwa99

    Akhil X Nav - DJ BAAJ

    Check out this little concept I put together! Enjoy!
  10. Bajwa99

    Kohinoor Events Mix Vol.1 DJ BAAJ x DJ ASM

    Check it out !
  11. Bajwa99

    DJ BAAJ - Vairia

    Check out the new sample I made! Enjoy!
  12. Bajwa99

    Vanjhali Vaja Ve - DJ BAAJ

    Check it out!
  13. Bajwa99

    Aaj Ka Dhamaka Predictions

    Hey BTF these are the teams in the Bhangra category at AKD this upcoming weekend, taking place in North Carolina. What are your predictions!? Buckeye Bhangra Duke Dhamaka Joshiley Jawan Khirre Phul Gulab De RU Bhangra Steel City Bhangra
  14. Bajwa99

    Ishq Tingz Snippet

    Hey BTF fam i'm working on a slow mix, here is a little snippet of it. Check it out!
  15. Bajwa99

    Windows Parallel Help

    Is anyone running windows parallels on their mac? I needed some help. I use a seagate external hard drive for all my loops etc. Before everything was working fine the hard drive would show up on the parallel and in acid pro. But now its not showing up on the parallel so i cant load any...
  16. Bajwa99

    Gal Jithe Chale Concept - DJ Baaj

    Always been a fan of this original itself. But here's my little twist to it. Any and all critiques are welcome! Enjoy!
  17. Bajwa99

    DJ Baaj Snippet

    Something i put together! Been awhile since i've posted, so please check it out!
  18. Bajwa99

    Ladder Coming Soon!

    Hey guys the ladder had been delayed due to technical issues but here is a link to anyone who hasn't signed up and is interested. We are in the works of having the ladder up and running ASAP! Get ready to bring the fire out! Also shoutout to all the mixers that have signed up and been patient...