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  1. GurnoorSahota

    Gajjde Punjabi @ Vasda Punjab 2018 (3rd Place)

    Here is a mix I made for Gajjde Punjabi, from Seattle for Vasda Punjab 2018. Gajjde placed 3rd at this competition. Performance mix was altered. Lemme know what yall think!
  2. GurnoorSahota

    Ranjhe @ Habour City Bhangra 2018

    Here is the official mix I made for Ranjhe. The mix used on stage was altered. Shout out to PablaMix for making some segments in the mix used on stage. Feedback is appreciated!
  3. GurnoorSahota

    Kaal De Mixtape - SahotaProductions

    Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy :)
  4. GurnoorSahota

    Sound Effect Help !!

    Can someone help me find the flute piece or what ever that is. 4:32 Thanks once again
  5. GurnoorSahota

    HELP ASAP !!

    If anyones got that 'lets go' vocal sample please email it to Thank You!
  6. GurnoorSahota

    Tere Piche - Kaka Bhaniwala [Dhol Remix]

    **Promotional Use Only** Credits to Original Let me know what you guys think!!
  7. GurnoorSahota

    Follow New SoundCloud Old account got reported!! Share.
  8. GurnoorSahota

    New Team Name Ideas Needed

    hello to everyone on BTF!! My team and i are looking to change our name from 'BhangraAvenue' to something else. Lemme know if you guys gave any ideas. Please and thank you in advance ::)
  9. GurnoorSahota

    200 Followers MegaMix - GurnoorSahota