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  1. Sehwag319

    Folk mixes - live bhangra

    Hi guys I’m trying to find folk/live bhangra mixes on soundcloud but there’s not too much out there apart from Prodigy ... Can anyone direct me to any others? Thanks
  2. Sehwag319

    Live set recordings?

    I like listening to Live set boliyan when driving but I can't seem to find any live set recordings on soundcloud, does anyone have any idea where I can find them?
  3. Sehwag319


    I know I will probably get ripped for putting this thread up but oh well. Whenever me and my mates go to a desi night in a local club and dance to bhangra we always get looks from girls. (NOTE: we do not claim to be sikk!) But, since we are quite decent bandey ( of which there is a shortage...
  4. Sehwag319

    Song help!

    JAZZY B - MAHARAJAS ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY (PROMO) Does anyone know the song playing in this advert?
  5. Sehwag319

    Song Help!!

    Bhangra at the Gas Station What song is this? Its really hard to find on itunes!
  6. Sehwag319

    UK Bhangra

    All you bhangra groups in North America are really great and you should come over here and teach some us bandeh how to do it properly. This was a team called Bhangra Heads...despite limited time for practise they came up with some ok. Give your opinions. Bhangra Heads - Got To Dance...
  7. Sehwag319

    Kaleh are too sik!

    Epic Lean + Rangelee :D
  8. Sehwag319

    Bhangra dance off vids?

    Does ne1 have any vids of one on one dance offs or something similiar?
  9. Sehwag319

    Song Help! From Big Apple Bhangra.

    Big Apple Bhangra 2010: Mixer - Team 1 Could anyone tell me what song this is? Cheers. 8)
  10. Sehwag319

    Does anyone have vids for the 'Step up Bhangra' at Motel Nightclub?

    Hey guys, I saw this event was advertised a long time back but a few groups in the UK are interested in making a similiar model here. If anyone has any videos could u send them to me please?