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    Capital Bhangra 2014 Promo

    Are tickets available yet? The website still says they will be on sale shortly, but its said that for a while now..
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    Look Lakk [KaranDeol Edit]

    This. Great job!
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    Who else is mixed-punjabi?

    I think this has been brought up before, but I'll post it again:
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    That entry. That entry....
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    Week 6 - BTF Mixing Ladder- 16. MohanSingh vs. 13. G-Tam

    Re: Week 6 - 16. MohanSingh vs. 13. G-Tam DJ1, I liked the intro a lot. But I thought the mix fell flat when the vocals came in. It just didn't sound right. It really threw me off. DJ2, I liked the intro but I thought it took a too long to get to the vocals. The chopped bits were really nice...
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    Holy crap that was awesome! Please finish it.
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    Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 7. Swizzee vs. 4. NsD

    I hadn't heard this song at all before (apparently, I haven't kept up with hindi songs) and I think its very bland. Thankfully, the remixes were actually enjoyable. Mix1, the intro was pretty good. I felt it took too long to get to the lyrics and the intro didn't really do justice to it. So...
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    Week 5- BTF Ladder- 11. sK challenges 9. Karan Deol

    Wow DJ1... it was too long for this battle, but the end of the mix was sick. It was done very nicely. You should've cut out some of the middle and not asked us to ignore the best part!! As Gsingh already said, the stuff after 0:45 was thoroughly enjoyable. DJ2 pretty well done. Some interesting...
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    Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 5. DJ Preet vs. 2. GSingh

    There is a lot of quality in both mixes. Good job to you both! Mix1 started a bit low-key but I think the approach worked as it gradually built. Well worked, and a good concept. I could see this being played at reception for the 'slow dance.' But this one seemed a bit 'safer.' Mix2 mixed in...
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    Week 4 - BTF Ladder - 31. NiraliS vs. 29. DJSargam

    This is another tough call.. Mix1, I liked the concept. It was very different from any mix of the original I've ever heard. It was simple, but I appreciate simplicity when done well. This was done well. Mix2, it took too long to get to the actual song. If these were 2min, or full, tracks, the...
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    Week 4 - BTF Ladder - 15. G-Tam vs. 12. SSK

    Mix1 had an incredible concept. It wasn't executed quite properly, but with some cleanup it would've taken my vote. Mix2 was very clean. Enjoyable to listen to and overall fresh. Both mixers did a good job, I think. Vote: Mix2
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    Week 4 - BTF Ladder - 26. Saab vs. 23. JsM

    Mix1 has some really great potential. I thought it was creating some really nice highs and leading to a drop, which unfortunately never came. But, I would love to hear a full mix with those synths leading to some nice highs/lows. Mix2, was waay too long. It was long compared to what should be...
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    Week 4 - BTF Ladder - 7. NsD vs. 4. Swizzee

    DJ2. I liked the concept better, but there needs to be more of the original song in the mix.
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    BTF Community Idea: Choreography Ladder

    As others have said, this is a sick idea. But, this will require much more planning and time to get off the ground. It would be fun to watch this though.
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 13. KaranDeol vs. 11. DJ Concept

    DJ 1. Concept was quite brilliant.
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 27. Kaurageous vs. 24. Minhasa

    Mix1 was fairly standard in the beginning but as others have pointed out became really off-beat late in the mix and then faded out quite abruptly. I think DJ1 might have taken '1min mix' literally? In any case, you have some ideas, but think of something else that hasn't already been done...
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 19. Gtam vs. 17. NKrishnan

    I liked the concept that DJ1 was trying to do it. It was definitely different from the original. I like how you brought it up slowly, it really piqued my interest. However, I don't think it went that well with the song though and it just felt a little off. I also was expecting a much bigger drop...