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    ON REPEAT Sardarni Ft. Kulbir Jhinjer

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    VVIP Gabru - Promo

    8) Jma end aa ji
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    Sappan de ghar

  4. virkenator

    Satisfying mix

    Cant get enough of it.
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    Great song. Enjoy
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    AMX-Folk Magic 2-Boliyan

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    Post for all the WTF!! songs

    I could not resist myself on initiating this post where you can post all the useless and worthless punjabi songs, just to know of all the turd that is available out there. Punjabi music industry although is in ascension but is also yielding some horse shit. Lets see what do we have. Let me...
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    Punjab 1984- Rangrut ft Diljit Dosnajh

    Track "Rangrut' from the upcoming punjabi movie Punjab 1984
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    Gaddar song

    Enjoy guys...great vocals+ tigerstyle music :)
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    Att song-Saini Surinder Ft. Gupsy Aujla - Get Funky

    Enjoy!!! :D 8)
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    Quratulain Balouch-Emerging new singer from Pakistan

    Quratulain Balouch, who performed on “Coke Studio” alongside Jal, stealing the show with her vocal brilliance. Popularly known as QB, Balouch recently released her debut video “Akhian Nu Ren De”. The video, which has gone viral right after the release, is a cover of the popular song by legendary...
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    BRICKS will be shat

    This creepy, weird, strange, abnormal, paranormal, fkdup, disturbing: :o Let me know if any one of you has experienced this.
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    Folkk Attack 2 ft Lehmber's-Khand

    Lo vai mittro chakk lo lehmber da na le ke ;D
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    Att sad song by Lakhwinder Wadali

    Lo vai mittro, Lakhwinder 22 ne ik vaari fer sira laata... Lyrics are amazing along with the music...
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    Where is BABC?

    Where is BABC? Any news or updates???
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    Wrong No vaangu

    Just wanted to share this awesome song ;D
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    Exclusive sick covers by Raginder Singh Momi (Violinder) and Raashi

    Kawan is is Mirza
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    Lambi Judaai-Komal Rizvi-Coke Studio (HQ)

    Amazing version of a classic song. Enjoy :) Thanks to coke studio
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    SFBC song request

    Surrey Folk Bhangra Club @ Josh Bhangre Da 2011 The song starts at 803...'Munda tere joga reh geya'...plzzz upload