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  1. sstakhar

    Song help

    Track around 1:35 please
  2. sstakhar

    Multiple song requests

    found this mix on soundcloud would anyone happen to know the songs at 2:27 3:13 6:07 and 7:11 please?
  3. sstakhar

    Song help

    song at 4:27 anyone? Thanks
  4. sstakhar

    Song help

    Song at 0:54 pls?
  5. sstakhar

    Glass Surgery Online now! First live-streamed surgical procedure in the UK, via Google Glass
  6. sstakhar

    Song Request

    song starting from 3:45 please? [Nachde Yaar Punjab De] Boston Bhangra Competition 2010
  7. sstakhar

    Song Request

    Would someone be able to tell me the names of some of the songs used in TAG's mix from Burgh please :) tried posting in the TAG mix thread but the link to the rar file uploaded for all the songs doesn't seem to be working so thought i'd make a new topic... 0:20, 0:58, 1:39 and 4:30? TAG...
  8. sstakhar

    Song help

    Would someone be able to tell me the names of some of the songs used by NYPD at Tdot 2011 please? Mainly the vocals used from 7:12-7:23, and then the song at 7:24... Nachde Yaar Punjab De (NYPD Bhangra) @ T.DOT Bhangra 2011
  9. sstakhar

    Song request

    Hey does anybody know the name of the song at 6:52 please? :) Joshiley Jawan bhangra group @ Taste of India '09
  10. sstakhar

    Song request

    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Josh Bhangre Da 2011 Anybody know the name of the song at 0:53 please?
  11. sstakhar

    Jannat 2 - Tu Hi Mera

    Tu Hi Mera - Jannat 2 (2012) *Full Song* - Ft.Emraan hashmi, Shafqat Amanat Ali wasn't a fan of the film but it did produce some really nice songs, this being my favourite :D
  12. sstakhar

    Song help

    Does anyone know the name of the song between 1:28 and 1:51 please? Also the one between 5:25 and 5:57 please? Punjabi Cultural Bhangra Club Abbotsford (PCBCA) @ Rangla Punjab 2010 Thanks :)
  13. sstakhar

    UK's Premier Bhangra Competition: The Bhangra Showdown 2012

    The UK's Biggest Bhangra Event of the year is back! The Bhangra Showdown 2012 returns to the HMV Hammersmith Apollo! 9 teams battle it out at the ultimate venue for the Number 1 Spot... Who will be crowned the UK's Student Bhangra Team of 2012? Let the countdown begin… The Bhangra Showdown 2012
  14. sstakhar

    Prabh Gill & Gupsy Aujla - Ek Ardaas

    Hey everyone, this got released yesterday so thought i would post it up, vocals Prabh Gill and production by Gupsy :) Moderator's note: Removed uploaded song by OP's request.
  15. sstakhar

    Nachdi Jawani Elite 8 2011 mix request

    Would someone be able to post up this mix please? :)
  16. sstakhar

    Saini Surinder - Mundra

    Hey people, this is the latest track released today by Saini Surinder, thought i'd post it up for everyone :)
  17. sstakhar


    Hey everyone, this is the video for SAINI SURINDER - BHANGRA!!!! BHANGRA - GUPSY AUJLA [OFFICAL VIDEO] Download here
  18. sstakhar

    Saini Surinder - Bhangra

    Hey everyone, this is the first time i've posted it so hope it turns out alright! You may have all already heard his song but i thought it would be nice to post up the mp3 file too, video is released tomorrow as well :)