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  1. skakadiya10

    Looking for someone to help tie paghs in the DC area.

    Hey, looking for someone to help tie paghs at Marlyand Mauj on February 22nd. If you are interested please contact me at or 6784623236, thanks!
  2. skakadiya10

    Vardi Rental

    Looking to rent a set of 12 male vardiyaan from October 20th to December 1st. Please contact me at or at 6784623236. If you could help me out or point me to someone that could help that would be very much appreciated thank you!
  3. skakadiya10

    First Class Bhangra @ Queen CIty Bhangra 2018 - Kak (ft. BhullarBeats, Dr.Srimix) MIX

    What upp BTF! Ravi Bhullar and I had the pleasure of working with First Class Bhangra on their Queen City mix and thought we would share it with everyone! Quick shoutout to Saagar,, Sid, Supro, Ram, Rishaan, and Umer for pushing us during this whole process, y'all without a doubt made us better...
  4. skakadiya10

    Looking to buy a dhol! *New or barely used

    Looking to buy a wooden dhol. New or very lightly used. Located in Atlanta, Georgia and willing to pay for shipping on top of dhol cost. Please PM or email me at! Thanks!