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    Dr. Murray sentencing

    What are some people's thoughts on Dr. Murray getting 4 years in prison? Too harsh? Should of been probation and only some jail?
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    Need youtube to mp3 converter

    Anyone know a good/reliable website/program to convert youtube videos to mp3 songs? Thank you!
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    drexel blowout song question

    anyone know/have the 1) jhummar song 2) phumania song 3) dhamaal song thanks
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    Bayside Bhangra '11 Poll

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    warrior lineup music order

    1)regiment 2)barb 3)bruin 4)steel city bhangra 5)bhangra knightz
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    pagg ironing question

    we have the shiney line paggs and i was wondering if its okay to iron them? or if i should do it at a certain setting b/c they are EXTREMELY wrinklyyy thank ju -justin
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    vcu elite khundey song

    anyone know it/can post it? VCU Bhangra 2011 Elite 8
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    nachdi jawani ending song request

    anyone have the ending song from elite 8 they did?
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    proper chadhra and pagg question

    im not sure if this was posted before - but if someone can please answer real quick for me 1) what is the proper size of a chadhra? like if im ordering from a tailor - what should i tell him height and width wise (men's team)? 2) what's the correct name for the shiney paggan? i.e. LSD paggs...
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    Is this song out yet "lehja kitte door" harleen singh

    Anyone have the full song yet? let me know pleaseee :-*
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    KPGD T-shirts

    Here is how our t-shirts are going to look like..if you'd like one, please message Sumeet Jindal (sumeetj) or myself (Justin Virk), or Nikhil Batra (Nikhil B.) on BTF or on Facebook and we'd be more than happy to get you one for just 12 dollars! Also just to let everyone know, we do not make a...
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    NYPD song question

    NYPD From masti 3: 1) Anyone know the katos song? 2) anyone know the phumania song - at about 5:45ish? thank youuuu! :)
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    jj song question

    Joshiley Jawan @ Big Apple Bhangra 2010 what's the song at like 6:54ish..artist/name pls or just post! thank u in advance
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    song help please

    theres a song thats usually played at like birthday parties n stuff and i honestly dont really know the lyrics much at all but i remember something like "puth theeyan nu pyaar kari dah, etc..." anyone know anything? lol i doubt anyone will be able to help b/c i dont even know the lyrics but...
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    dcmpaa song question from masti

    anyone know the song they do at 2:45ish...their dhamaal song from masti DCMPAA 2nd Place Bhangra Masti 4
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    masti updates??

    anyone know whats going on - or how teams are doing so far that have performed!?!
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    NBA free agency thoughts

    So after seeing the Cavaliers get dominated last night by the Celtics, it looked to me like Lebron didn't even want to play. It looked like he was maybe trying to put some load on his teammates to make plays and to make shots - but they seemed nervous as hell or like they were standing around...
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    NFL Draft 1st round thoughts

    What do you guys think of the first round? Surprises/disappointments,etc...what do you think will happen in round 2 b/c in my opinion there are numerousss first round talents still available.. Jimmy Clausen - not even drafted...yet...who do you guys think will get him in round 2? I'm a bills...
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    can someone post -manak e "jeri kuri"

    can u please post it??!! thank u -justin
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    Roethlisberger suspension thoughts

    So I'm not a big fan of athletes who screw up, or screw up multiple times in general. Raping a girl with a guard in front of the door is absolutely ridiculous and it makes me absolutely disgusted to hear about this piece of trash (Ben Roethlisberger). The suspension is 6 games but will be...