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  1. Medha

    Spartan Bhangra @ ADZ 2019 (First Place)

    Hi Everyone! Sorry for the spam :p We had a really great time in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend. As always, we are so honored to have shared the stage with so many teams. Huge congratulations to Boiler Bhangra for their placing and to the rest of the teams that lit the stage on fire! We...
  2. Medha

    Review: ADZ 2019

    Hey BTF! With all the threads that have been posted these past few weeks, we wanted to make our review of ADZ as comprehensive as possible. We really enjoyed our experience this past weekend at ADZ 2019 and with any hiccup noted below, we’ve tried to come up with a possible solution...
  3. Medha

    Spartan Bhangra @ BBC 2018

    Hi Everyone! We had such a fun time in Boston this past weekend and we are so honored to have been able to share the stage with teams that we've looked up to for so long. Every team brought an amazing set and we're so excited to keep learning from you all. Huge congratulations to NJFL, ABC, and...
  4. Medha

    Looking to buy/rent vardis/saaps!

    Realized this is a few months late for a follow up, but if you're still interested in buying wooden saaps from us, do message us on facebook (, we'd be happy to sell them to you :)
  5. Medha

    New Member? Introduce yourself here!

    Name: Medha Narwankar Team Affiliation(s): Spartan Bhangra Favorite Artist(s): Mankirt Aulakh, Ammy Virk, Kuldeep Manak Favorite Song(s): Tere Tille Ton, Husna di Sarkar, Kadar, Das Ja Favorite Competition: Bhangra in the Burgh, Buckeye Mela Favorite Food: Thai food :) Interests: Bhangra...