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  1. Gurvir

    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 GTV

    Hey everyone, here's our performance from this past weekend at Bruin. All i gotta say is, Bhangra over Gimmicks :) Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bruin Bhangra 2012
  2. Gurvir

    ABC Bhangra Idols Best of the Best Shoutout Video!

    Wassup Guys, Here's our shoutout video for Idols. Check it out! Apna Bhangra Crew Bhangra Idols Best of the Best Shoutout L.O.M, You Shnowwwww Dattttttt! ;)
  3. Gurvir

    Downloading attachments to android phone help!

    I just got an HTC Inspire, running android 2.2, and i wanted to download mixes off here onto my phone. Well when i tap on the link to the mix in the thread where it's attached it starts downloading it, but it says the file format is not supported or something and it doesn't download as mp3 or...
  4. Gurvir

    Twinkle Twinkle!

    twinkle twinkle desi style all indian flavours by Revathy Sankaran hahaha this video is tooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;D
  5. Gurvir

    SEAHAWKS! <3

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS! haha nobody thought we had a chance, what now! :p ~ Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch 67 Yard TD Run vs Saints
  6. Gurvir

    GCM Chandigarh- performance from 2003

    found this on youtube today :) Graceful, beautiful Bhangra
  7. Gurvir

    baba kartar singh school- under 14 champs

    check ittttt bhangra baba kartar singh school boys win state.flv
  8. Gurvir

    Dance This 2010 Documentary (feat ABC)

    so i found this on youtube today, its a mini-documentary about a show we did in the summer called Dance This. It's a huge show that happens every year at the Paramount Theater in Seattle and they basically bring together all sorts of dance forms and display them individually along with a big...
  9. Gurvir

    Bhangra north campus by sgnd khalsa clg

    Bhangra north campus by sgnd khalsa clg.mp4
  10. Gurvir

    Duet Request, can't find it anywhere

    K so i searched google for ever and ever and searched youtube, using tons of search tags but no luck. There was some duet song (or maybe it was just a guy singing) but it came out a few years ago and it went something like this "Aja saliye ni ruffal dunaliye, parauneya ne pauna bhangra..."...
  11. Gurvir

    black guy loves pokemon

    This video made my day! hahahahaah Blastoise vs Charizard! also check out a few of his other vids haha Black man loves Pokemon Original version! [/size]Black Man Angry at McDonalds Black Man Angry at REDBOX![size=78%]
  12. Gurvir

    ahaha wannabe rap in punjabi songs

    Okay this is just on a whole new level lol.....anyone recognize the beginning rap verse? ;)
  13. Gurvir


    pretty tight, except that guy is just rattled after he falls at 1: 32 :o D.A.V COLLEGE HOSHIARPUR BHANGRA (YOUTH FESTIVAL 15OCT2010)
  14. Gurvir

    cute little kid dancing ha

    enjoyed this, thought i'd share it haha....kid's got swagggg 3 year prabhsimerdeep play bhangra.AVI
  15. Gurvir

    kid practicing in garage

    haha see if you can spot all the different mixes... Bhangra Practice
  16. Gurvir

    Chori Chori Zumba

    Some sick moves haha Chori Chori Zumba
  17. Gurvir

    A little mix i made

    hey guys, check out this mix i made today....i've been home sick so this is what i accomplished lol...and i'm not claiming to be amazing, but tell me what you think :) thanks
  18. Gurvir

    New Duet songs for a party

    Yes, yes i know i coulda used the search bar but i tried for a while and didn't get many good results so.............. Can you guys please post tracks or links of some new duet songs. They dont have to be completely new, but i've already got the whole seeti, batua, etc.... thanks :)
  19. Gurvir

    kabbadi bhangra in france 2010

    kabbadi bhangra in france 2010 seems familiar hahahaa