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  1. tonygarcha

    Rangla Punjab Bhangra Competition Results!

    Hey Everyone, I was also one of the judges at Rangla Punjab this past weekend. I don't view or post on BTF but after seeing what the organizer has stated as her points and the disrespect being shown to us as well as questioning our credibility, I do have a few words to say. First off...
  2. tonygarcha

    Best Bhangra Comp After Party

    SoCal 2006, the club was too small, it was at the house of blues (i think) in hollywood..even being a placing team, we were turned back at the door because they club was too packed we ended up walking to some outdoor patio bar down the block and partied there with just our team so far, best...
  3. tonygarcha

    OFFICIAL Texas Showdown 2008 Results/Discussion

    Told ya so PANJ!! Congrats to the boys and good job Super Super
  4. tonygarcha

    Post here if you VOTED!

    still reading the post saleem...we are just as much interested in your elections as you are...this is much more exciting than our elections few weeks back, lol
  5. tonygarcha

    Happy Halloween Thread!

    probably too late but i was a brown chuck norris
  6. tonygarcha

    Texas Showdown Bhangra Competition 2008 - Team Lineup

    bring home the hardware PANJ!!!
  7. tonygarcha

    Ears Pierced?

    ""Let me guess, if im seen wearing a rainbow dye shirt, I'll probably be called a fag too right?................"" no need to bring up the rainbow dye shirts boys and girls :)
  8. tonygarcha

    How Sexy is Your Name?

    T - You are very sensitive, private, and sexually passive; you like a partner who takes the lead. Music, soft lights and romantic thoughts turn you on. You fantasize, but do not tend to fall in and out of love easily. When in love, you are romantic, idealistic, mushy, and extremely intense. You...
  9. tonygarcha

    Asian Arts Club, Abbotsford NOW OPEN

    Hey Everyone!! ASIAN ARTS BHANGRA CLUB has opened their 4th location in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Currently we are accepting registration for ages 5+ for bhangra classes. Registration will take place Oct 26 at 6pm at the location indicated below. Class time determined on registration...
  10. tonygarcha

    Practice? PRACTICE? We talkin about practice..

    we practice once a week for two hours. Setting initial routine usually takes about a week or two and rest of time is spend cleaning up the routine as well as changing it around as needed. It depends usually how many people are at practice. Sometimes it will just be a hand ful of us who do...
  11. tonygarcha

    Advise-Motivated dancer but just isn't getting it

    best method I can suggest is break down the move...start with the feet, keep repeating until then can speed it up and slow it down, then add in the hands. and break down hands as well, do a one-two count, then add in three-four, five-six, etc, etc. starting off on dhol is good, but it follows...
  12. tonygarcha

    Bhangra Nation Results!!

    We had a similar situation few years back at boston bhangra. After they announced the placings, the next morning, the judges called a meeting with all the team captains. They informed us that one of the judges was biased against women doing bhangra (as just boys teams placed). We agreed that...
  13. tonygarcha

    Aspect of Teams from India

    Just to add to this topic, recently I was judging at Bhangra Idols, and before the competition, the judges were all talking about bhangra here and in india. The judges ranged from 20s up to the 60s. One interesting fact I learned was that in Punjab, they have gotten more strict on their...
  14. tonygarcha

    OFFICIAL Bhangra Idols 2008 Results and Discussion Thread

    There were no teams disqualified.
  15. tonygarcha

    Bhangra Idols Shoutouts!

    I think B is talking about the Shan-E-Punjab juniors from Vancouver. They killed it
  16. tonygarcha

    Best Song To...

    babbu chandigarhia & miss pooja - Chah Da Cup
  17. tonygarcha

    Best Song To...

    gudi vangu aaj menu sajna, udayi ja udayi ja udayi ja (jagmohan kaur - kite song)
  18. tonygarcha


    Happy Birthday brah, hope you have a good share the same birthday as my bro...any big plans
  19. tonygarcha

    Bhangra Competitions in North America

    Bhangra Nation was the one that had yearly dhol competition. And Mitch Hayre didn't win that one, he tied with Rayman Bhullar (Dhol Nation Academy)
  20. tonygarcha

    top 10 reasons to date a bhangra dancer

    two words to sum up the reason to date a bhangra dancer....kenchi & Mor