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  1. DjDhol-E

    amazing drum cover/remix of adele - rolling in the deep

    checkout my buddy/fellow dhol circle member paul the drummer nanuwa's cover of rolling in the deep Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Drum Cover/Remix) - Paul 'The Drummer' Nanuwa (PTDN)
  2. DjDhol-E

    Algozey app for ipod/phone

    this is too RAW NEW!! Bhangra Flutes!! iPhone App Demo JAM
  3. DjDhol-E

    Crazy Documentary on Marijuana

    check it out .... The Union - The Business Behind Getting Highpart 1
  4. DjDhol-E

    Desi Dog Names

    ok so my boy got a german shepherd puppy and he doesnt know what to name him. he was thinking of a UNIQUE and or maybe a desi or punjabi name. any ideas?
  5. DjDhol-E

    song help "mareyah terey te"

    i heard this song where the chorus is something like this "munda mureyah tere te.... terey te marda munda tere te"...... it sounds new to me but i cant seem to find out. anyone know what it is?
  6. DjDhol-E

    New album : "Measure Twice, Cut Once" by Ginz

    what up guys. check out my cuzns new album he dropped. this is for all the REAL Hip-Hop fans out their. download link: official website:
  7. DjDhol-E

    Lil Wayne's new album "I Am Not a Human Being"

    does any1 have a download link to the album?? would be greatly appreciated.
  8. DjDhol-E

    Randeep "Dhol-E" Kainth - NEW DHOL VIDEO !

    what up guys. check out this quick video i made of me playing my new dhol from bittu ustaad. (quality is kinda shit cuz its off my phone). enjoy !! *** sorry video got removed please watch this one instead: Randeep "Dhol-E" Kainth - Folk Dhol Jam
  9. DjDhol-E

    DHOL-E LOGO needed !!

    whats up guys. i was wondering if any skilled people on BTF could make a "DHOL-E" logo for me. i need something to drop on flyers for jams and cds and etc. all the logo needs to read is "Dhol-E". PM me if your down ! Thanks !
  10. DjDhol-E

    Wedding Season = NEW MIXES

    well wedding season is coming up which means NEW MIXES to be dropped or possibly a new album? check out these samples !
  11. DjDhol-E

    Toronto Nagar Kirtan - DOWNTOWN

    ok guys heres some info about this years Nagar Kirtan in DOWNTOWN on April 25, 2010 since it will be done differently then previous years: Basically, the parade is going to start at the Better Living Center at 1pm, and it will travel to QUEENS PARK (not city hall like previous years) the reason...
  12. DjDhol-E

    Tharkha or Thurka ?

    I dont give a shit if its random, just answer the darn question :P
  13. DjDhol-E

    Dj Hsk & Dj Dhol-E Present: Bang Bang part 2

    heres the download link: shout outs to my son HARRY KAINTH from NYPD (hsk) for all his hard work :)
  14. DjDhol-E

    Much MADNESS 2010

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ROCK THIS ENTERTAINMENT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Most Anticipated All Ages Party of 2010 is Finally Here. ROCK THIS ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS THE FIRST ANNUAL PARTY OF 2010. The Official March Break PRE-PARTY 1500+ EXPECTED!!!!! A PARTY YOU DO NOT...
  15. DjDhol-E

    CRAZYYY kid dholi

    at first i thought the video was dubbed or something but i guess i was wrong :|
  16. DjDhol-E

    Bang Bang by HSK and Dj Dhol-E OUT NOW !!!

    whats up guys, my new albums out.....just something we put together inorder to kill exam stress :P ENJOY !! Download website: Download Link:
  17. DjDhol-E

    The Fourth Kind

    ok to be honest, i actually got scared watching this trailer.
  18. DjDhol-E

    what NOT to do at a Reception HAHAHA SHOUtOUTS to RICKY and GTA Bhangra ;)
  19. DjDhol-E

    Machida vs Shogun - UFC 104 reviews

    okk im really cheesed....who else thinks that Shogun should have won that fight ?? :| he threw WAy more kicks, landed way more punches then machida and still lost :| the WHOLE match he was in control and RAN machida.... honestly FUCK DANA WHITE.....SHOGUN SHOULD HAVE WON *tear*
  20. DjDhol-E