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  1. asingh720

    ਸ਼ੇਰ-ੲੇ-ਪੰਜਾਬ [Washington D.C. Team... Need Dancers]

    Aman- Get Amit to dance again and i promise i'll bus down to DC every weekend and practice with you guys
  2. asingh720

    JSA Xmas Mix

    Just piggybacking on Swi and the previous comments, you can hear the same kind of jump at 1:03, 1:45, and to a lesser extent 5:15. Moving to ableton is a good call (I'm live for life <3 ) but personally I'm not a big fan of taking the segments and mastering them on their own, and then putting...
  3. asingh720

    Bhangra Knightz - Wbbc 2013 MIX

    I aint even mad
  4. asingh720

    DCMPAA 2nd Place Boston Bhangra 2013

    So great to see another all-girls team KILL IT on stage. Excellent energy, and some really neat formations too. Keep it up.
  5. asingh720

    Nachdi Jawani Warriors

    That youtube thumbnail is HOT.
  6. asingh720


    what I have listened to has been done very well- the music is balanced and creative. I look forward to getting a hold of your next album!
  7. asingh720

    Dre Beats perspective

    Saw this video, felt like sharing. Too many people get caught onto labels like Dre Beats without understanding what it means. Know what you're paying for before you drop cash like that. Beats Audio: Explained! #Sony MDR V700 fo lyfe :)
  8. asingh720

    Bhangra Knightz @ Warrior Bhangra

    lol its all good. OP will deliver
  9. asingh720

    Bhangra Knightz @ Warrior Bhangra

    What a tease. I see he puts up new FAUJ and BK vids, and then I cant even click on them :/
  10. asingh720

    HS Presents: Legends Are Forever **A Must Download**

    Lol I've got one, thanks dawg
  11. asingh720

    HS Presents: Legends Are Forever **A Must Download**

    Karma to the first person who posts an updated link to a zip/rar of the CDs
  12. asingh720

    BC BHANGRA GIRLS (BCBG) @ Sincity Bhangra 2013

    Great first performance! Jhummar + Youtube video stabilizer though... That's gotta make someone crazy seasick...
  13. asingh720

    Where to get the best props

    definitely not Bhangra Avenue. Assholes still haven't responded to any of my messages- sent me shitty khundey and I've been trying to get a refund since.
  14. asingh720

    Bhangra Team needed for Cultural Fair in Arlington Heights IL

    UCB would be down. Just PM-ed you!
  15. asingh720

    what setting do you listen to mixes on your ipod on.

    lol jk but on a more serious note- I'd reiterate what GSingh just said. The mixes I make don't always sound the same across the headphones that I have. So whether you're in a dance room, alone using apple earbuds, connected to your car speakers, using your dre beats (whatever compels you to...
  16. asingh720

    MOB at VPD & Fever - Please do not post!

    Did he go to Fever? My thorough stalking tells me he wasn't at VPD
  17. asingh720

    St. George's University -TBS 2013 - 2nd Place, Runners up

    Really great job with parts of the mix here, brought back some old songs and used them well
  18. asingh720

    Columbia Bhangra Shout Out for Bhangra Fever 4!

    Weirdos. I'll see you two in LA soon enough. actually, not soon enough. needs to be sooner.
  19. asingh720

    Imperial College Bhangra @ Mega Maalai 2013

    Can't say I've ever seen a team on stage with open turlas like that before