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    Song cover!!!

    Hey you guys!! Here's my cover for "For the First Time" by The Script! Check it out!! Thanks :) For The First Time (cover)
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    New song cover!!

    What's going on you guys!! So I don't know if you saw my "Crawl" cover by chris brown, but recently I received some hateful and unnecessary comments. You can check out the video below: Crawl (cover) I decided to try to educate some viewers in my new cover so hopefully people will stop hating...
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    France enforces ban

    "At least two women have been detained in France while wearing Islamic veils across their faces, after a law banning the garment in public came into force." This is similar to the law they had in about 2006 which banned students from wearing...
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    TerraPIND Bhangra at GNFA Culture Program

    Hey everyone! Here's TerraPIND Bhangra's performance at the GNFA culture program which took place this past weekend! The video and sound quality isn't too good and you can't really see formations, but we would really appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism! Thanks to Ricky for...
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    STRETCHY PANTS-Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit
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    Tsunami hits Japan after 8.8 magnitude earthquake
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    Cute McDonald's AD

    A friend showed this to me on youtube McDonald's BF & GF TV Commercial [ HD ]
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    Sorta old but just ran into it. The Techno parrot
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    Song questionnnn

    Hey you guys, i was wondering what song drexel used from 1:40-2:20 Drexel Bhangra @ Dhol Di Awaz 2010 It's a tight songg and I looked all over BTF but couldn't find itt. please let me know and sorry if this question's been asked before. thankss
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    Here's another one!!!!!

    So I tried playing for this songg :) My voice was a little down so sorry for messing up. Hope you guys like it! Please comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching and enjoyyy You Make It Real (cover)
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    I was boreed but it looked pretty cool :) check it Gurpreet's turban colors of the Rainbow!
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    Crawl (cover) Check it out :)
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    Here's another onee!!!

    yoyo, check it out :) Warm Whispers (cover)
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    Should be studying- but wanted to sing haha

    Hey you guys- another video of me singing. Lemme know what ya'll think :) Never Say Never (Cover)
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    I like singing songs

    Yo whatsup BTFers. So, as the title mentions, I enjoy singing american songs. I recorded myself on youtube the other day when I was bored so lemme know what ya'll think :) baller thanks Lovebug (cover)
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    Twilight and Jersey Shore unite--hilarious

    hahah ok so i'm not a fan of eitherrr--this is funny The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin' Twilight
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    Gurdas Mann in US (DC and NY) ballerr
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    game 6 babyyy

    alright guys let's hear it...lakers or celtics in this one??
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    game 5

    kobe freakin bryant...he's definitely keeping the lakers in the game but i don't think they can decrease the gap..celtics are determined and playing really well. any thoughts??
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    spanish tv

    does anyother bhangra-lover watch 12 corazones? or anyother spanish shows? or is it just me hah