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  1. Rajthebhangrafreak

    FAUJ WBBC 2013 Mix

    What's the song that starts at 4:17
  2. Rajthebhangrafreak

    anyone know the last song

    FAUJ @ Bhangra Idols 2012 (Best of the Best) starts at 740 if anyone has it can you post
  3. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Post/upload your favorite PUNJABI sad song

    dude you got more Yamla Jatt stuff or know where i can download it cuz dude i been looking for his stuff that be cool thanks man :) !
  4. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Mitran De Jaan????

    thanks guys
  5. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Mitran De Jaan????

    im looking for the song called mitran de jaan i think thats what its called panj used it in the there routine at norcal at 7:04 it be cool if u can also give me the album and artist thanks in advance :) Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi @ NorCal Bhangra 2011
  6. Rajthebhangrafreak

    VCU @ Bhangre Di Mehfil 2010

    idk i didnt feel it i was not vcu standards to me it was sloppy and it was not sync. and yeah it was like they have not danced before with each other well thats a duh cuz it is a new squad lol also i felt like the new guy in the yellow the shorter one was kinda like doing alittle to much not...
  7. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Elite 8 2011

    i think they should be on the list and they should go and lbc just saying
  8. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Dj Vix vs. Bikram Keith Jay Sean - Down (The Official Desi Mix)

    yeah i was about to ask the same thing it doesn't work anyone have it ???
  9. Rajthebhangrafreak

    SGPD @ Idols 2010

    wat were the masks they put on ???
  10. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Mega jhumar mix- SunnyG and *Gsingh* ;)

    sunny u know ur raw lol
  11. Rajthebhangrafreak

    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    I meant original meaning not the remixed version cuz thats all i could find for this
  12. Rajthebhangrafreak

    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    u made my day lol :D
  13. Rajthebhangrafreak

    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    dudr ur awesome lol :D
  14. Rajthebhangrafreak

    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    not the tigerstyle one tired of that one thats all that pops up everywhere i go omg lol im just looking for the other version by kaka the original one to
  15. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Maan doabe da at fresno. check itt

    alright guys lets answer some questions lol all of us lol the thing was it was just hella hot it was about a 100 degrees outside with no shade on top like we got bad blisters and first outdoor performance ever and that killed us to and chaders were tied low to. if that stuff did not happen...
  16. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Lineup For Junior Bhangra Competition in Fresno, CA

    Yea were a little ticked off about that but I guess watever i asked harjot if he was coming and he sqid he was happy to coMe just have the comp people contact him I guess they don't need him lol
  17. Rajthebhangrafreak

    *---- [AEG] Anakh-E-Gabroo [AEG] mix @ Big Apple Bhangra 2010 ----*

    lol is cool bro, dont sweat. haha, do it up thanks bro :D
  18. Rajthebhangrafreak

    *---- [AEG] Anakh-E-Gabroo [AEG] mix @ Big Apple Bhangra 2010 ----*

    dude our dhamaal song is like urs we swear we didnt steal that like i dont awnt u guys thinking that we stole the song just in case our our video or our mix gets posted just letting u guys know