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  1. UmerQureshi96

    BTF Judging Directory

    So we're trying to create a public BTF database as a public resource for comps to easily find judges. The way we're trying to achieving that is getting everyone to fill out this form and put all this information on a giant public directory for everyone to see. Process What'll happen is, you...
  2. UmerQureshi96

    Bhangra Blitz Competition Review

    So clearly there's some disagreement about what went on at the comp. Would love for all the different parties to give their two cents. Please be respectful, all for calling out people but don't unnecessarily make personal insults.
  3. UmerQureshi96

    Vice City Competition Review

    Yo I heard some craaaazy shenanigans happened. @teams that went to the comp, please call out the nonsense.
  4. UmerQureshi96

    How to Make a Decent Set

    One point that was brought up a lot during the "fire missing from the circuit" thread was that many teams (collegiate in particular) stick to cookie cutter sets. And I do agree with that sentiment. But I think that many teams either don't realize they are doing so or do not really know how to...