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  1. kdshah

    KPGD at Bruin Bhangra XIX- 1st place

    What’s up BTF! Here is our video from Bruin. We tried to do something very different this year and hope you enjoy our production: “A Journey Through Time.” If anyone has any other videos of us, feel free to post them here! We'd love to see other views :) Shoutouts: Bruin committee- (Vaibhav...
  2. kdshah

    CBS MIX- BAB 2014! by GSingh and Shaun Atwal

    Had an amazing time working with GSingh and Shaun! Two incredible mixers, unreal production quality. Thanks for putting in so much time fellas! Hope everyone enjoys the mix!
  3. kdshah

    Carolina Bhangra Squad at BAB III

    Here is our performance at BAB this summer. Hope you enjoy! Obviously there are tech issues, stage dimension and formation problems, and individual mistakes, but I'm incredibly proud of the CBS family for putting this set together in 5 days. Critiques are welcome but, more-so, I hope our...
  4. kdshah

    Carolina Bhangra Squad at BBC 2013

    CBS had a blast dancing together at BBC and are looking forward to the next time we can make this happen. Congrats to all teams for their hard work! Special shoutout to Cherag and Anu Selhi for helping us out throughout the weekend so much. Between finding us practice space, giving us rides...
  5. kdshah

    Carolina Bhangra Squad at Notorious Bhangra II- Balcony + GTV

    Hey BTF, Here's the link to our balcony video from Notorious Bhangra. We placed 3rd at this comp and we'd love to hear some feedback! This was our first performance as a team, and we had a blast. As of now, we have no idea if we'll continue to compete, but I sure hope so! A few shoutouts...
  6. kdshah

    UNC Bhangra Elite at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013- Video/Mix (+ Bell & VPD)

    We would like to thank the whole WBBC committee (especially Faizan, Ankush, Jaggi, Sahil, and Hira) and AEG for hosting such a great weekend and for having us be a part of this fantastic competition! Also big shoutout to all the teams we've competed with this semester for being such supportive...
  7. kdshah

    UNC Bhangra Elite at Bell 2013, please do not post!

    We had an amazing time at Bell this weekend Big thanks to the whole committee, our liasons, and all the other teams for a great time! Please do not post any videos of our performance! Congrats to FAUJ, CMU, and JJ!
  8. kdshah

    Khirre Phul Gulab De @ VPD 2013

    Here's our performance from VPD this weekend. Big thanks to our liasons Komal and Neelam for helping us out all weekend and to Hardeep Singh and Jaggy Singh for tying our paggan. Thanks to Kanwar Johal and Anooj Trivedi (AKT Productions) for making our mix and doing a fantastic job...
  9. kdshah

    VPD Show order

    1 VCU 2 VT 3 MOB 4 DCMPAA 5 MBT 6 UNC 7 GMU 8 Yale 9 KPGD 10 DCBC
  10. kdshah

    KPGD at BAB 2012

    KPGD at Big Apple Bhangra 2012 3rd Place- Khirre Phul Gulab De Yellow- Sumeet & Raj Pink- Akash & Kanwar Blue- Nikhil & Kuntal Red- Varun & Ashvin Green- Alan & Romeen Purple- Anooj & Bianca
  11. kdshah

    Cal Bhangra at Bhangra Blowout 19

    HD Balcony view: Cal Bhangra at Bhangra Blowout 19 Congratulations to Nav and the rest of Cal Bhangra! You guys ripped it and all of UNC had a blast hanging out with you guys!
  12. kdshah

    UNC Bhangra Elite at Bhangra Blowout XIX

    Here's our video from this past weekend: UNC Bhangra Elite at Bhangra Blowout 19 Hope you enjoy! We had a great time at Blowout and our liaison, Kunal, was amazing! Also, HUGE congrats to Cal Bhangra and VT Bhangra for your placings and congrats to all teams on great performances! Great end to...
  13. kdshah

    UNC Bhangra Elite at VPD 2012

    Here's a balcony center video of our performance at Virsa Punjab Da 2012. We hope you enjoy it! UNC Bhangra Elite at VPD 2012