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  1. dj2nyce

    ALBUM: Amar Sandhu & PRANNA - "New Era"

    Damn its been a long time, years to be exact, since i've logged in or posted on this site. But i really appreciate this platform because this is where my music career began. 6 years ago, a friend of mine posted a random mix i made onto BTF and from there, the love and support everyone showed me...
  2. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Hey Girl, Turn Up The Music!!** 2 NyCe - Hey Girl Turn Up The Music!! check it outttttt! got motivated to make a new mashup so i got "Hey Girl" by Imran Khan, "Turn Up The Music" by Chris Brown/Rihanna, and "Levels (Skrillex Remix)" by Avicii blended...
  3. dj2nyce

    TRIFECTA MUSIC GROUP - New North American Punjabi Music

    Whatup everyone... Launching in September 2012, I'm glad to present to you TRIFECTA MUSIC GROUP! It's a North American based music group of singers, producers, and DJs that have come together in the pursuit of making a new age style of American-influenced Punjabi music. Our previous releases...
  4. dj2nyce

    **Trifecta - Sapno Ki Rani [Rajesh Khanna Tribute]**

    your boys Trifecta (Affinity & Amar Sandhu) droppin a new track to tribute Rajesh Khanna! check it out below and share it on your social networks if possible! Trifecta - Sapno Ki Rani (ft. Rihanna) - [Rajesh Khanna Tribute] drop a comment!!!
  5. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - NYU Pandemonium South Asian Showdown 2012 Mix**

    2 NyCe - NYU Pandemonium South Asian Showdown 2012 Mix: LINK: ... 6224285895 check it out, drop a comment, like the page! mostly house/bhangra/rap mixes in there, not too much bollywood. had a pleasure workin on this and was proud to see what they...
  6. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Lal Akhiyan [Original Instrumental]** check it out! still in the works but drop a comment or critique and lemme know wut u think...shoutout to SleepyZ for lettin me sample his guitar! check his stuff out too its dope
  7. dj2nyce

    **Tupac @ Cochella 2012**

    Tupac At Coachella Full Version Good Quality April 15 2012 this is awesome. great performance and i love the songs they picked. now granted theres haters sayin that pac didnt do this, do that, there shouldnt be a hologram of him, etc....personally, i think this is awesome. i didnt even know...
  8. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe .... Looking for DJs**

    haha i know its weird to see a DJ looking for DJs.....but i got a few plans in the works for next season that im tryin to get started on now so when the season comes around they will work out smoothly. i wont go into detail quite yet, as im figuring out some stuff, but for now i jus wanted to...
  9. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Tufaan 2012 OFFICIAL SPRING MIXTAPE**

    DOWNLOAD: 2 NyCe - Tufaan 2012 Spring Mixtape drop a comment! DOWNLOAD: info on tufaan:
  10. dj2nyce


    whatup everyone! in honor of reaching 3,000 fans finally, im releasing the regular version of PROXIMITY EFFECT (first 19 tracks) for free download! drop a comment on what ur favorite song is! DOWNLOAD:
  11. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Do Taara vs. Butterfly [CONCEPT MIX]

    havnt dropped a concept track on BTF in foreverrrr....check it outttt! drop ur two cents i tried stressing EQ/mastering with this mostly and i think it came out realllly clean cuz of it
  12. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - ARJUN's Chammak Challo Cover vs. Deadmau5's Strobe**

    whatup everyone.... i know this may not be appealing to bhangra heads but to those who like to keep an open mind when it comes to music check out the latest mashup i made of a cover to Chammak Challo by ARJUN mixed with Strobe by DEADMAU5.......absolutely sick in my opinion, i love jammin to...
  13. dj2nyce


    whatup everyone....i started makin beats again, took a break for a couple years to start learnin more on techniques and other stuff. anyway, here are two beats i made in the past couple days....PLEASE lemme know your thoughts, it would be much appreciated since im essentially starting out on...
  14. dj2nyce


    Whatup anticipation for the upcoming second half of the season and other promotions i have goin on, ive uploaded multiple songs from Proximity Effect onto soundcloud. soon enough ill be posting them on youtube. everyday ill be adding another track that has not been released yet...
  15. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Green Light (Remix)**

    made this shit for fun...some parts sound off but overall it was an interesting concept...not gonna finish it but check it out
  16. dj2nyce


    WHATUP EVERYONE!!!! its that time again - the 3rd official mixtape from yours truly, 2 NyCe. The link to download the mixtape is below. You will need a paypal account to purchase it - $10 for 33 mixes. I ask that you do not pirate the mixtape because all proceeds will be going to buying new...
  17. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe new mixtape update!**

    whatup guys, im set to release my new mixtape Proximity Effect sometime in the late hours of tonight. its 33 awesome mixes that you'll enjoy ranging from rap, house, dubstep, moombahton, pop, sad songs, and almost anything you can get into. itll be available for download for $10 via paypal so if...
  18. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Khand vs. Stereo Hearts** [FULL MIX]

    whatup everyone!!!! im hyped, PROXIMITY EFFECT is officially releasing in the late hours of tonight so keep a lookout for that....33/34 mixes for only $10 and trust me its quaaaaality. put over a year n half of work into these mixes. anyway heres a new one to hold you guys over until the...
  19. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Trifecta's "Kinni Sohni" (Dirty South Remix)**

    check ittttt heres the preview.... lemme know what youss think! PS - PROXIMITY EFFECT droppin on 11/24....30 mixes...$10....its gonna be so legittt, get ready
  20. dj2nyce

    **2 NyCe - Jukebox Boli Megamix (PREVIEW)**

    2 NyCe - Proximity Effect - Jukebox Boli Megamix (PREVIEW) DROP A COMMENT.