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  1. Rajthebhangrafreak

    anyone know the last song

    FAUJ @ Bhangra Idols 2012 (Best of the Best) starts at 740 if anyone has it can you post
  2. Rajthebhangrafreak

    Mitran De Jaan????

    im looking for the song called mitran de jaan i think thats what its called panj used it in the there routine at norcal at 7:04 it be cool if u can also give me the album and artist thanks in advance :) Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi @ NorCal Bhangra 2011
  3. Rajthebhangrafreak

    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    not the tigerstyle one tired of that one thats all that pops up everywhere i go omg lol im just looking for the other version by kaka the original one to
  4. Rajthebhangrafreak

    amx album???

    well i know it was on here but it says the link is not workign or something so can someone help me out here huh plz???
  5. Rajthebhangrafreak

    need help with getting new phone so like need some advice really bad please help

    okay well im planning on getting the new mytouch slide from t mobile right and im planning on getting the 59.99 plan with 500 minutes and unlimited internet and unlimited text but idk how much that would be with tax on the bill every month my dad is saying 70 bucks and im hoping it to be cheaper...
  6. Rajthebhangrafreak

    need some help with mixtapes

    like does anyone a mixtape for just r&b hip-hop, rap, and stuff huh cuz i have been looking for some stuff for hecka long it would be nice if someone would help me out here ???
  7. Rajthebhangrafreak

    New Performance of Maan Doabe Da need peoples criticism

    hello guys and girls we just did a new performance i know its not all that but like it was a small stage and one guy quite on us a week before and one of the guys got injured before we got on stage so like we had to improvise right there and now so it was messy we know but we would liek to knwo...
  8. Rajthebhangrafreak


    Hey guys was up can anyone anyone tell me were i can get team logos made please really need help been trying to ask around and no one is helping me out pelase help :(