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  1. faysal

    America Bhangra Championship (bhangra reality show)

    I'm sure the organisers will end up starting an official thread but I caught this by chance. American Bhangra Competition (ABC) Rough Cut Promo
  2. faysal

    PAU 2001

    Folk Dance Bhangra
  3. faysal

    One man bhangra band who needs a team of instrumentalists for a live set when you could have this legend.
  4. faysal

    The Guardians of Bhangra at Bayside 2012 It's our only complete video so far but once we can piece together the other hd parts we'll upload more. Enjwoy.
  5. faysal

    NYPD gig video

    Aaj Nachna - Bhangra -NYPD.mp4 well it is still NYPD :p
  6. faysal

    VCU Bhangra Beat 2011

    Came across this, preview of the new squad at a smaller competition. VCU Bhangra Beat 2011
  7. faysal

    Talented Dinka CHikka kid is funny, but legit has talent.
  8. faysal

    UBC girlz at south beach bhangra 2005

    uploaded by someone 6 years too late but hey...I hope you can all join me in feeling old if you remember this lol UBC Girlz South Beach Bhangra 2005
  9. faysal

    Furteelay Shokeen at Big Apple Bhangra 2011

    Furteely Shooken BAB phone video Moderator's Note: Link posted by team and thread merged
  10. faysal

    Vardiyan Hire

    Hey guys, looking to borrow 6 guys vardiyan (3 jodis) for a competition in mid October. Would need to be shipped to the uk but obviously I'd be paying for that. Preferably east coast teams only since I don't want to be running up a ridiculous shipping fee :) If anybody thinks they could then...
  11. faysal

    Legit Bhangra instructional video

    Learn Bhangra - Step No.1 Saave LOL
  12. faysal

    Ramadan Mubarak :)

    title pretty much says it all, summer fasting is always tough so I hope everyone is prepared :) only an hour to go til the first one is over for me!
  13. faysal

    For UK teams at The Bhangra Showdown 2011...

    The majority of you on here please feel free to ignore this thread, it's literally just for those people that took part in this competition. Some simple, slightly incoherent, sometimes overly abrupt(my bad, I'm just like that) feedback/advice/ranting that will maybe help those who are looking...
  14. faysal

    norcal mixer footage/official photographs

    does anybody know if we'll ever get to see any of this stuff? the team performances at the mixer were fun (although I freestyled towards the end :p) but there was a photographer in the green room at the venue taking pictures and they don't seem to have surfaced or even mentioned/hinted at. I...
  15. faysal

    Virse De Waris @ Warrior Bhangra 2011 2nd place

    Virse De Waris @ Warrior Bhangra To the guys at the front, whoever you are, if you read this...we get that you're excited to see your friends on stage but you probably pissed off a lot of people behind you, no one paid to come and see you dance and jump around (especially at the end) so kindly...
  16. faysal

    incase you didn't know it was going to be christmas and you're punjabi...

    ...G Mall and friends are here to spread the word! hahaha Christmas Aaya 2010 Teaser
  17. faysal

    Punjabi Myspace Parody

    :D our own navkarn from a couple years ago
  18. faysal

    B2B never before seen performance!!

    removed by request lol or so I thought until I read the decription but it was good for laughs its actuall William and Mary Bhangra :s most original name ever.
  19. faysal

    your favourite iphone apps??

    i think the title says it all
  20. faysal

    jailbreaking 3.1 for iphone

    hey guys, i just bought myself a shiny new iphone 3gs and was wanting to jailbreak it, however having read up a lot and watched many different videos its still not clear to me if its even possible. I'm one of the unfortunate few that has got an iphone that came on 3.1 as standard. A lot of...