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  1. Mr. Mankiran

    Illini Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2018

    Super late and kind of random but can I get a song list for this mix. Haven't been paying attention to much bhangra related stuff for a few years now, stumbled upon this mix on SoundCloud and really liked it. thanks in advance
  2. Mr. Mankiran

    Dil De Rangeen @ Bhangra in the 6ix 3rd Place

    Chikka set was fire. Enjoyed that part the most. The opening was way too long, basically just stood for a minute and a half without any dancing.
  3. Mr. Mankiran

    Bhangra in the 6ix Predictions

    1. NJW 2. DDR 3. RVD
  4. Mr. Mankiran

    Significance of Vardiyaan Colors?

    Most of the time, red then blue and then everyone else. Some people also use yellow for better dancers. Nobody really cares anymore. It's like soccer, your best player wears #10, but not always. For me personally? At least put one of your top dancers in red, it's a nice color.
  5. Mr. Mankiran

    *****Nachdi Jawani Waris 1st Place @Bhangra fever 8 2018*****

    Lowkey one of the best sets of the year
  6. Mr. Mankiran

    2017-2018 Competitive Season Review

    Best US: Furteelay Best Canada: SPD Best Dancer: Jagmeet Saini Best Girls: SDS/Royal Queens Underrated: RVD Dissappointing: Every Collegiate Team - nobody sucked, but also nobody was memorable.
  7. Mr. Mankiran

    Championships of Bhangra

    Overseas as well?
  8. Mr. Mankiran

    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    Memorable moments, smooth set IMO with smart choreo. Should have placed hands down. I really appreciated how the dancers actually had some unique josh and nakhra. Extra shoutout to Eric and Karam, you two always perform so well, a lot of fun to watch.
  9. Mr. Mankiran


    This was extremely fun. One of my fav all girls sets I've seen recently.
  10. Mr. Mankiran

    Ankhile Putt Punjab De @ Bhangra Fest 2017

    Chikke/Khunde were dope. Enjoyed the formations a lot in those segments. Cleanliness of the dance falls apart towards the end which you probably already know. Fun to watch overall.
  11. Mr. Mankiran

    SONG HELP!!! Try asking them. Audio isn't the best in the video and its hard to hear the words.
  12. Mr. Mankiran

    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    Just my humble opinion
  13. Mr. Mankiran

    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    These are always fun Best Coed Team: Buckeye Best All Guys Team: SPD Best Canadian Team: SPD Most Improved Team: Illini Best Set: SPD Best Gimmick: KPGD Bhangra timeline Best Team Overall: SPD Best Mix: Furteelay but there were a lot of good ones Best Vardiyan: AEG
  14. Mr. Mankiran

    Independent Team in Western NY

    You missed a lot of good dancers by a couple years my man. Good luck though, there's a few Buffalo people that I'm sure would be interested.
  15. Mr. Mankiran

    Illini Bhangra @ Nachde Nashville 2017 [1st Place]

    If you guys improve your form - especially footwork (work on consistency as a unit and maintaining proper posture and angles) - you can be competitive at a high level next year. This was a dope set. Energy was great. Few things: if you're going to do something that similar to the SPD khunda...
  16. Mr. Mankiran

    Bhangra Blowout 24: Winner Poll

    Buckeye should be able to wrap up the year with a W
  17. Mr. Mankiran

    Shaan Punjab Dee at Big 10 Bhangra! 1st place :)

    If you ever need evidence of why focusing on bandhar tapoosiyan/gymnastics is a waste of time, its these guys. They do moves you see in every set but its simply on a different level from every dancer 1-12. Last year they did faslaan and the entire circuit lost it.