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    Song Request - Jija Sali

    If you happen to have the song or a link to it then it would be appreciated! The only lyrics I know are what I've put below.[/size] Jeeja saali taash khaid deh saali gayyi jitt[/size]Jeeja dehleh te dehlah sittVe jeeja taash khailni sikhJeeja dehleh te dehlah sitt
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    Back to Folk albums?

    Does anyone know where I could buy/download ALL the Back to Folk albums made by Dj Ace & Nana!?
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    Song Request - Mela by Feroz Khan

    If you have it then post it! Please and thank you ^_^
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    Specialist N Tru Skool - Word is born & Repezent

    Anyone have the full albums in good quality?
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    Song Request

    Does anyone have Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Tere Jeha Hor Disda?
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    Gabroo Punjabi @ Nachda Punjab 2011 Boli Help!

    6:28 in the Video! I just can't make out what he's saying in the first verse. "........."? Kenta ni tera chadra boliyan paave. Gabroo Punjabis @ Nachda Punjab 2011
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    Song Request - Teri Yaad Satave by Major Chanalia

    If anyone has the mp3 please post it! Thanks in advance :)
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    Unknown Kuldip Manak - Song Help

    Here's the clip.
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    Song Request - GMU @ VPD

    Can someone post or name the song that plays at 5:13. Please and thank you :) GMU Bhangra at VPD 2012
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    Nachdi Jawani On Canada's Got Talent?

    They appear for about 2 seconds, 0:18 seconds into the video. Does anyone know more about this ? Canada's Got Talent: The excitement is growing
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    Carpal Tunnel .... Help.

    Lately I've been working on my laptop a lot and I think I might have Carpel Tunnel. My pinky on my right hand is all numb and I can't feel it, whatsoever. If anyone else has had this experience in the past .... please tell me what I can do to get rid of it ! Thanks,
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    Request - Shabd's

    I was wondering if you guys could list some of your favourites or some artists. My dad's been going on really long trips lately and he's asked me to fill up a whole 8gig USB with Shabd's, and it would be amazing if I had some help. Please take a few moments to list down some of the Shabd's you...
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    Song Request - Jaaneman Raxstar [Original]

    If someone could please upload the mp3 :)
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    Request - Good Remixes Of Classic Songs

    I was wondering if you guys could upload some good remixes of classic songs like: Nachi Jo Sade Naal - Hans Raj Hans Mittran Ne Aaj Billo Nachna - Sirdool Sikander Mittran Da Naa Chalda - Harjit Harman Sara Pind Mittran Da - Burbaksh Shonki Old school fun songs like that :)
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    Happy Diwali BTF !

    Wishing everyone in the BTF community a Happy Diwali :)
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    Song Request - Sara Pind Mitran Da by Gurbaksh Shonki

    Please upload it ! Thank you.
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    Help - Identifying a Boli

    Can someone please tell me the name of the boli ?! Better yet, post up a clean version of it :)
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    How To Teach Someone The Bhangra "Hop"

    Recently I've been trying to help a friend learn a few bhangra moves and it's been difficult. The little hop we do with the leg were not using. I was wondering if anyone could help explain it so I can explain it to my friend properly. I've been doing bhangra for quite a while and I don't even...
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    Request - Leicester+DMU 2011 Bhangra Showdown mix !

    If anyone from the team would be kind enough :)
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    Atre - Lil Sandhu song help !

    Could someone please post the original of the song that's been mixed with Atre ? The songs from his new album - Folk Yuh Please and thank you :)