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    Gucci Gallan

    Man said organic ???
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    MoB Chicago’s mix from the weekend before at Bruin Bhangra XXI.

    MoB Chicago’s mix from the weekend before at Bruin Bhangra XXI.
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    BB26 Results/Feedback

    More competitions need to start implementing the ‘Best Mix Award’. A lot of mixers across the scene internationally, including myself feel that there isn’t enough recognition out there for the months of hard work we put in to ensure a team does well on stage. Mauj had one recently, Fever did...
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    *Searching For Specific (but generic) Sounds*

    Not far off but that’s not it ?
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    MBT NDC 2nd Place & Blowout 3rd Place Videos

    #TrophySzn #ColgateMangat Maaaaaaaaangggaaaaaaaaattttttt ?
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    RVD’s First Place @ Maryland MAUJ ‘19 Mix.

    RVD’s First Place @ Maryland MAUJ ‘19 Mix.
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    Raakhe Virse De (RVD) @ Maryland Mauj 2019 (FIRST PLACE)

    Working with you guys was a pleasure. By far the best set of guys I’ve worked with. ??Although we had four days to pull it together; the overall mixing process felt really smooth and at no point did I feel burdened by the process. I’d do this all over again for the RVD fam. ? Just want to give...
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    MBT @ Burgh XII 2018 **3rd Place**

    Always a pleasure working with you bro. MBT Fam ??‍♂️
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    What’s good BTF! Attached below is the video and mix for Gabru Furteley’s performance at Bhangrafest 2018. We took on the feedback from yourselves last year and incorporated these changes into our set for this year. All constructive criticism will be more than appreciated and will be taken on...
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    Official Gabru Furteley - Bhangrafest 2018 Mix [Best Mix Award]

    Good Evening BTF, Here is the official mix created for Gabru Furteley that competed at Bhangrafest 2018. A little backstory on the mix: This mix took us 8 months to create. There was a total of 284 drafts in order to get to this final result. It consisted of many sleepless nights and a lot of...
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    Loughborough @ TBS 2018 (Video&Mix)

    Hey BTF, Here is both the video and mix for Loughborough University's set which competed at TBS. Feedback will be taken kindly on board and passed down to captains and dancers. Regards, KM
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    Official Gabru Furteley - Bhangra Fest 2017 Mix

    Hey BTF, Here's the link to the mix for our set at Bhangra Fest. Well done to the other mixers, some good content was produced. constructive feedback would be appreciated. If you haven't watched it already, here's the video: Thanks
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    Gabru Furteley @ Bhangra Fest 2017

    Hey BTF, Firstly, we just want to congratulate the placing teams and give a well done to others who competed. It was a fun night and was refreshing to see new sets with creative twists. Respect to the organisers for being accommodating to our needs and being chill on the day. Attached below is...