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  1. KironMizanur


    What’s good BTF! Attached below is the video and mix for Gabru Furteley’s performance at Bhangrafest 2018. We took on the feedback from yourselves last year and incorporated these changes into our set for this year. All constructive criticism will be more than appreciated and will be taken on...
  2. KironMizanur

    Official Gabru Furteley - Bhangrafest 2018 Mix [Best Mix Award]

    Good Evening BTF, Here is the official mix created for Gabru Furteley that competed at Bhangrafest 2018. A little backstory on the mix: This mix took us 8 months to create. There was a total of 284 drafts in order to get to this final result. It consisted of many sleepless nights and a lot of...
  3. KironMizanur

    Loughborough @ TBS 2018 (Video&Mix)

    Hey BTF, Here is both the video and mix for Loughborough University's set which competed at TBS. Feedback will be taken kindly on board and passed down to captains and dancers. Regards, KM
  4. KironMizanur

    Official Gabru Furteley - Bhangra Fest 2017 Mix

    Hey BTF, Here's the link to the mix for our set at Bhangra Fest. Well done to the other mixers, some good content was produced. constructive feedback would be appreciated. If you haven't watched it already, here's the video: Thanks
  5. KironMizanur

    Gabru Furteley @ Bhangra Fest 2017

    Hey BTF, Firstly, we just want to congratulate the placing teams and give a well done to others who competed. It was a fun night and was refreshing to see new sets with creative twists. Respect to the organisers for being accommodating to our needs and being chill on the day. Attached below is...
  6. KironMizanur

    Official Loughborough CB2017 Mix (2nd Place)

    Hello everyone, Here is the mix created for Luff Bhangra for Capital Bhangra 2017. The set placed second, with City/UCL placing 1st, and Birmingham City Uni placing 3rd. The Saap & finale segments were altered for the original performance. Just a quick thanks to Karan from VanCity Bhangra...
  7. KironMizanur

    February Bhangra Mix 2017

    Hello people of BTF, Would appreciate any sort of feedback, Enjoy!
  8. KironMizanur

    Summer Bhangra Mix 2016

    Hey BTF, Here is my mix for summer this year... feedback much appreciated! song lists & info in the description KM 8)
  9. KironMizanur

    short Hip-Hop Bhangra mix

    Hey BTF, hope all is well! This little segment was designed to be used in a team mix but decided to not use it... Feedback would be appreciated :) Song: Timetable 2 - Kulwinder Billa Bedroom Trip - R&B Remix 2015
  10. KironMizanur

    January Bhangra Mix 2016

    What's up BTF, First of all, a belated Happy New year to you all. I hope it's been good so far. ;D So I did this mix which consists of a few segments which I had found lying around and decided to compile them, clean them up and put it together and upload. This was mastered by the legend...
  11. KironMizanur

    Gallan Mithiyan [Shawty Mix]

    What's up BTF ;D, First of all wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year for 2016. Made this very simple but melodic mix to keep active, please do check it out and would definitely appreciate all feedback.
  12. KironMizanur

    LNBPD 2nd Place - Bhangra Wars 2015 (inc Mix)

    LNBPD was a collaboration of Lok Nach Bhangra & Bhangra Punjabian Da. They placed 2nd at Bhangra Wars 2015. Well done to other performing teams especially AJ Girls and SIAC. All forms of feedback will be very appreciated. :) Captains: Fidelis...
  13. KironMizanur

    N*ggas in paris [Nagini mix]

    Hey guys, The last time I uploaded was a couple of months back when I had made the Black and Yellow Tallian Mix. Since then, I've tried to take on critiques and other advice to try and improve on my style and EQing, and will be planning to make another mix which I have been working on over the...
  14. KironMizanur

    Black and Yellow [Tallian Mix]

    Hey BTF, I started mixing about a week ago ;D and some constructive criticism would be really appreciated. Thanks Songs used: Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow as instrumental, and Tallian as vocals. Mastered by a good friend VeeBeats
  15. KironMizanur

    Bhangra Punjabian Da - The Bhangra Competition [Official video]

    What's up BTF, BPD pulled of their first ever competitive performance last saturday for TBC at QMUL. Positive feedback would be very appreciated! Also, massive thanks to Jason for making us the mix last minute! Performance video: Mix by Jason...
  16. KironMizanur

    Bhangra teams in London, UK?

    Hey there, I did a post before regarding starting a team but I figured it would never work.. Is there any Bhangra teams in London which are recruiting. I would try Universities however i'm only 15 and starting college next year. if you guys can name me some teams in London which would recruit...
  17. KironMizanur

    Under 18 Bhangra Team in London, UK?

    Hey there, new to this forum I don't know much. I was just interested if anyone wanted to start a UNDER 18S Bhangra team in London, there isn't much teenager bhangra teams that I know of so i'd like to start one with some people. Location, London, UK please send me a message on the forum, or...