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    Fully Loaded ReFiX | DJ GT Feat. Tegi Pannu | DNA

    Hey BTF, It has been a good minute. Check out my latest mix of Tegi Pannu and Manni Sandhu's banger, Fully Loaded. Vancouver's own DNA is featured on dhol throughout! Check it out below and be sure to follow on Soundcloud & Youtube: Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Diljit + Rihanna - Born To Shine Mashup

    Hey BTF Fam, It's been awhile. In honor of the recent events in India, I made this quick mashup of Diljit's Born to Shine and Rihanna's Diamonds. Be sure to check it out and look out for more mixes. Thanks, Gurjit #NoFarmersNoFood
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    Bhangraton III | Sept 2020 | DJ GT

    Happy Friday guys! I just dropped the full video mix on youtube. check it out! Thanks, Gurjit
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    Bhangraton III | Sept 2020 | DJ GT

    Basim, Thanks fam!
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    Bhangraton III | Sept 2020 | DJ GT

    Hey BTF, I just dropped this new installment of my Bhangraton mix. It's basically just a mashup of Urban Punjabi and recent Latin tracks ranging from Raggaeton, Cumbia, and Trapton. Check it out below and lmk what you think! Stay Safe Fam Gurjit
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    Bruce Mode (Bhangra Mix) | DJ GT

    What's Up BTF, I made this all folk quick mix / edit of some tracks new and old that get me pumped up; hopefully its the same for you. Let me know what you think and be sure the like share repost and follow. Thanks and stay safe!
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    DJ GT - June 2020 Mashup

    Here's the full video mix from youtube! Check it out
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    Rajvir Jawanda - Punjaban Remix - DJ GT

    Hey BTF Fam, Check out my remix to Rajvir Jawanda's 'Punjaban' below. There is also a corresponding youtube video. I will be posting more videos to youtube in the next few weeks so be sure to subscribe. Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Hip Hop Mix 2.0

    What's up BTF Fam, I just dropped an all hiphop mix that focuses on my home region; Northern California specifically the Bay Area and Sacramento. The mix consists of new rap and R&B hits from artists from here famous and not-so famous. Let me know what y'all think! Gurjit
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    DJ GT - June 2020 Mashup

    Hey BTF, It's crazy out there. Hope y'all are staying safe. I've been working on this Hiphop and Bhangra mashup for a couple weeks. If you have a second, please have a listen. Share if you like it. Take care, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Sidhu Moosewala x AP Dhillon x Gurinder Gill - April 2020

    Whats up BTF! Hope you all are staying safe and being healthy, I just made this mix of Sidhu Moosewala and the West Coast's upcoming talent AP Dhillon & Gurinder Gill. Check it out and be sure to like, repost, follow! Have a great weekend, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Hip Hop Mix 1.0

    What up BTF! I know this is a bhangra forum, but I imagine a lot of you listen to Hip Hop & Rap as well. Check out my all- hip hop mix below. Thanks!
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    DJ GT - Ammy Virk - Subaah Remix

    Hey BTF Fam, Check out my new mixes below! Be sure to like share and follow ! Thanks! Gurjit "DJ GT"
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    DJ GT - PU Diyan Yaarian Remix

    Hey BTF Happy Holidays, Check out my new mix of Sharry Maan's PU Diyan Yaarian on my soundcloud below! Be sure to like, repost or hit the follow for more mixes. Have a great holiday!
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    DJ GT - Bhangraton II - Sept 2019

    Hey BTF, Check out my new mix of latin and bhangra vibes. Be sure to like, follow, and repost on soundcloud! Thanks, GT
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    DJ GT - Summer 2019 Mix

    Good Morning BTF Fam, Hope everyone's summer is going well. I made this new mix for summer; a blend of urban punjabi and hiphop tracks. Check it out on my soundcloud, hit the like or repost button if you like it and be sure to follow! Thanks!
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    DJ GT - Mithi Mithi Desi Mix

    Here's an alternate link
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    DJ GT - Tommy ReFiX

    Hey BTF, Hope y'all are enjoying the Summer. Check out my new refix of Diljit / Raj Ranjodh's track "Tommy" from the movie Shadaa. Follow the link below to soundcloud and be sure to follow. Thanks! Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Mithi Mithi Desi Mix

    What's up BTF! Check out my desi mix to Amrit Maan, Jasmine Sandlas, and Intense's hit track ' Mithi Mithi.' It is a free download so please check out my soundcloud link below. Please like, comment, and repost if you like it. Gurjit