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    Solace - Hauli Nach (Ft. Aman Sandhu) PROMO

    Hey guys, After countless mixtapes (including the Back To Folk Trilogy)... my debut single is coming out November 2nd. If you haven't checked out the promo yet, the links are below. I want to thank anyone and everyone who has supported me over the years. Also shoutouts to my brother Dholi...
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    Ace & Nana - Back To Folk 3 is ONLINE

    Hey guys, The final in the series, Back To Folk 3, is online to download. is the place to get it. Or you can also click any link below for quickly selecting what you need. (This is the trilogy, all 3 Back To Folk CDs with a...
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    Ace & Nana moving on to production (looking for singers, musicians)

    Hey guys, We are finally moving on from mixing to production. Back 2 Folk was supposed to be the last mixtape we made. But due to public demand and many requests Back to Folk 3 is in the making right now, and will be the final mixtape in the series (with a great flavor of our forthcoming...
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    Ace & Nana - Official BB15 Block Party Mixtape

    Hey guys, I`ve had a lot of requests for the block party mixtape, since a lot of people could not get a copy of it at the actual block party. So I have made it available to download for free @ The facebook group name is "A&N Legacy presents... The Official...