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    Sacramento Dancer Needed

    Hello! There is an all girls team from Sacramento competing soon and they are in need of one more girl dancer. The dancer needs to be 20 years old OR younger. The dancer can be from anywhere around Sacramento, please message me or email me ( if you or anyone else you know is...
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    Sacramento Dancers Needed!

    Hello! My bhangra team has a few competitions coming up and we are in need of two dancers. We are an all girls team from Sacramento. If you are 20 or under and would like to compete with us, please pm me or email me at Thank you!
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    Buying Saaps

    Hello! I am looking to buy 8 saaps for my team, if anyone knows a good place to purchase them or is selling their saaps, please message me. Thank you!
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    Plastic Saaps - Where To Purchase

    Hello! If anyone knows where to purchase plastic saaps, please message me or email me at, thank you!
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    Hey! I was wondering if anyone has the Notorious 2014 mix for Virse de Shokeen? Thank you!
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    Sacramento Bhangra Team

    Anyone girls or guys interested in doing competing bhangra who are from or around Sacramento, please feel free to message me! Any and all ages are welcome! Thank you :)
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    NorCal Bhangra Crew

    NCBC is an all girls bhangra team based off of Northern California: Bay Area, Sacramento, Fairfield, etc. Currently, we have a 10 set and need 2 more girls. Anyone who is interested or know someone who may be interested, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!
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    New NorCal Bhangra Team, Looking For Girls!

    Hey! There is a new all girls bhangra team started in Northern California! The girls are from all around: Bay Area, Fairfield, Sacramento, Modesto, etc. We have about 9 girls but are still looking for more, if you or anyone else you know is interested, please let me know. Any and all ages are...
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    Sacramento Bhangra!

    Hey guys! My friends and I have made an all girls competing bhangra team representing Sacramento and nearby areas! We need a few more girls and would like our team to be as big as possible so please let me know if you are interested in joining or know anyone who might be interested in joining...