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    Must be the Morni

    What's up guys? Putting up a mashup i made a while ago just for phun.... Check it out Also, I'm going to start trying to put a new mashup every week on my soundcloud account, Check back on it, and follow if you guys want!
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    Kala Sunny music

    Kala Sunny - play at RAVE only My homie Kala Sunny from sher foundation made this, thought it was dope so postin it up here for everyone to jam out to. Feedback itt
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    Pata Chalgea-Shutter Bug Remix

    Mix i made a while ago when i was bored... Tell me what you guys think!
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    Bringing Bhangra Back into a Positive Light

    Hey Guys, So, I've noticed recently that competitions have had a tough time booking official hotels, and parents are becoming more reluctant to letting their kids join Bhangra teams. With many people in general, the phrase "Bhangra Team" has started to have a negative connotation attached with...
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    LAPD Using LAPD's [Lishkare Apne Punjabian De]'s Vardiyaan at DDA

    Hey wassup everyone, I wanna thank ourselves for giving us recognition in the other post and I wanted to wish LAPD and the rest of the teams competing at DDA best of luck.
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    Baracka Flacka Flame

    Baracka Flacka Flames - Head of The State
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    Gig Mix I Made

    Check it out! Any feedback would be much appreciated. Also, I'm now making mixes for teams at very reasonable prices. If you are interested feel free to email/pm me. Thanks, ~Akhil
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    LAPD Mixes/Shoutouts and More

    Hey guys, so im attaching all of the mixes from the past season since it is now officially over… If anyone has ANY of our videos from any of the comps please let me know, we haven’t even seen them yet… and we WILL be putting them up! Since we’re posting our mixes here anyways we thought it...
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    LAPD Giant 2010 Promo

    We got bored, so decided to make a promo... Check it!
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    Deep Jandu Pari/Miss Pooja Aashiq Mix

    Hey guys! I got bored today, so i decided to mess around with these two songs... tell me what you guys thinkk :)
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    LAPD @ Norcal Bhangra Video Request

    Hey Guys, If anybody has LAPD's video from Norcal Bhangra, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email it to Please and thanks! ~Akhil
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    LAPD Bhangra Tryouts!

    hey guys, we have 2 comps, one on feb 20th one on feb 27th... Just came back from placing first at our first comp and we're just looking for a couple more experienced dancers. Lemme know if you or anyone you know wants to try out or if you want more info! Either message me on here, on facebook...
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    BTF 2.0 idea?

    I'm not sure how hard this would be to create and how quickly it can be done.... But i had this idea, and i think it would help alot of teams and dancers... I know kinnell has discussed having a database of teams before, but to add to that i think it'd be very helpful to have a better database...
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    LAPD @ Dosti Society Comp 2009

    Hey Guys, Here's a mix from a comp my team, Lishkare Apne Punjabian De (LAPD), performed at in Merced, CA... We're a co-ed team from LA, let me know what you guys think! ~Akhil
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    Jhummar Megamix

    Here's an old mix I was planning on using for my old team before. We decided against it, but thought you guys might enjoy! Lemme know what you guys think ~Akhil
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    'Ghajni Cut' - Babu Chandigarhia, Sudesh Kumari lmaoooooo
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    New Team in Socal

    Hey guys, We just started a new coed bhangra team, and are looking for a couple more members to join. We have people coming from all over O.C., some from LA, and the valley, so if you're interested in joining and need to carpool that shouldn’t be a problem at all (We practice at Cal State...
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    Insane mix

    My boy from BMW, Kaser flower, made this mix for a perf. he put together... Thought i'd suprise him by posting it cause i know its dope as hellll. Leave some feedback people ;)
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    Bollywood Girls- Sean Kingston
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    Culture Show Mix

    Mix i made for a culture show that was about a month month and a half ago. Let me know what you all thinkk ~Akhil