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    Does anyone know what song this line is from?

    Ahhhhhh!!! THANK YOU!!!! Its been driving me crazy! hahaha
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    Does anyone know what song this line is from?

    aaja bahja sade kol ni kuriay bidami rangiay Thank you:D
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    TAG Bhangra Bulldog Mix

    Ahahah! Liking the Halo intro :D
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    Jeep Mix Concept

    Let me know. ;)
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    Jeep Mix (Part)!

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    Rochester Bhangra [2k10] AKD + Muqabala Mix - Jason Kataria

    Hey whats the song in the Muqabula mix at 3:47 seconds?
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    **2 NyCe - Broad Street Baadshahz Phillyfest 2011 Mix**

    Yo this is fuckin dope!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    I need to find this song! :|

    BRO! I love you!!! Thank you!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    I need to find this song! :|

    But I cant find it on youtube when I type that in. Would you have an MP3?
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    I need to find this song! :|

    The line of the song is something like, "Uchi lambi heek laave, tere naa te boli paave. tanu jaan jaan ke, dikhonda bhangra." Help! Thank you :D
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    My Mix - Bottle Geeta Zaildar

    Idk, Its hard to explain. But there is just not a wow factor. I have this same problem hahaha!
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    Song Needed!!!!!

    Hahah I like that mix. Thank you! Im gonna use it for phumnia.
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    Song Needed!!!!!

    Hey everyone. Does anyone have "Jatt Di Pasand" By Surjit Bindrakhia??? Any simple or sick remix will do also! Thankyou so much!!
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    ===Naag 2 Remix=== Feeedbackk plz!!

    Thanks bro. I'll see what I can do. ;)
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    ===Naag 2 Remix=== Feeedbackk plz!!

    Lol! oye No need for that "babbu bhaji" ok! Hahahah! I should have put the version where I only use a couple of lines of drake haha. Thank you guys. Ill see what kind of a spin I can put into it. aNY ideas?
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    ===Naag 2 Remix=== Feeedbackk plz!!

    This is only the first verse of the song! Hope you guys like it!! Feedback would be awesome!!!!
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    Salama Mixed with Pappi Gill

    Thank you for the feedback brotha. Ill do that as soon as the holidays are gone haha :D
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    Salama Mixed with Pappi Gill

    Hi Guys I just finished this mix finally haha! So many redos. Hope you guys like it. Feedback would be much appreciated!! Thank you ;D Songs Mixed: Salama Boliyaan- Pappi Gill S.F. Anthem
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    Inderjit Nikku sip sip remix

    Here is something I was messing around with. :D Hahha. Feed back would be awesome!! Good and bad. I know I messed up towards the end hahaha Facckk! :P THank you. ;)