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    Punjabi English Remixes

    If you took the time to download and listen, you would actually like it Download. includes: SnakeCharmer Remix I wanna lovee you remix Pulkari Remix Bottle Pop remixx
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    Anyone know any good bellydancing songs?

    Pleasee lemme know the title or just post itt
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    Up for some Daru? -Rdb

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    More of my state of mind
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    Lollipop Punjabi Remix ;)

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    Song help :[

    I neeeed a really pumpin gidha song
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    The Way I Are PUnjabi Mix number 2

    sorryy it didn't lemme post two together :(
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    THe way i are Punjabi Mix Number 1

    enjoyy :)
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    Baari Barsi

    modern =P
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    Songg help

    does any one have the song Hai Hai by Satwinder Bitti.. The original version?
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    Punjabi blood =]
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    Vyaah Dholkhi :D

    Dhol beats :p alright it says bhangra! lol play the file and you'll see it says vyaah.
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    Modern Jaggo Song for Download :]

    Here is a modern jaggo :) cuz i see that a lot of people seem to search for that :) :P ;)