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  1. Vijay

    Anthony Bourdain: Punjab torrent:
  2. Vijay

    Rooh Punjab Di @ Tdot 2013

    Rooh Punjab Di (RPD) @ TDOT Bhangra 2013 (starts at 4:00)
  3. Vijay

    magna carta holy grail

    is anyone else stoked about this ?!? Inside "Magna Carta Holy Grail" with JAY Z + Samsung
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  5. Vijay

    Bhangra Knightz @ Warrior Bhangra

    ! Private video so much energy and coordination, khundey seg was sickkk
  6. Vijay

    Biggie/Tupac/Kanye/Jay Z/MJ best of mixtapes
  7. Vijay

    The Bhangra Team (TBT) at BBC 2005

    in light of all the "where will bhangra be in x amt of yrs" talks i thought this was a somewhat relevant vid to post. some of u older guys will remember when tbt came on the scene, and the explosion/excitement they stirred up (especially over their 'band'). analogous to kj and "traditional"...
  8. Vijay

    wolverine bhangra song question

    first jhummer song - around 2:40 in this vid, anyone? (same song used at blowout as well) please and thanks. Wolverine Bhangra @ UBC
  9. Vijay

    shit white guys say to brown guys

    these are getting kind of old now but i thought jusreign's was pretty hilarious: Shit White Guys say to Brown Guys is that ur dad/religion killed me
  10. Vijay

    Khalsa Junction Bhangra Blowout 11 Mix

    Found this on an old mix CD i found.....and yes that is crowd cheering u hear in the mix that they added themselves, not bc of a youtube rip
  11. Vijay

    Free sony forge, sony acid, fruity loops, software etc download

    i havent personally tried dling any of these yet but ive heard positive reviews that most of the links work. theres some other good software (non music related) on there too
  12. Vijay

    ABC Rehearsal at warrior '10

    MVI 0306 sick. love this set and mix. vids without vardi are always nice to watch, u can really see posture and form and uniformity amongst a team (or lack thereof)
  13. Vijay

    hilarious white dudes high on life: Tunak Tunak

    died laughing while watching this - wait til the singing starts at the very least: How to Dance When You're High on Life
  14. Vijay

    APD New Zealand

    New Style Bhangra I Rocking Huge Crowd I 18 Super Stunts I NZ pretty sloppy but a surprisingly decent song selection
  15. Vijay

    Nachdi Jawani @ a hall party

    Nachdi Jawani Bhangra Performance kind of old now so not sure if its a repost or not...simple set but typical nj and great dancing
  16. Vijay

    SGPD Juniors

    big things: Moderator's note: removed by team request
  17. Vijay

    DCMPAA at Big Apple
  18. Vijay

    basement bhangra tonite?

    BB in the city with Bikram Singh...anyone goin?
  19. Vijay

    Rangla Punjab clips

    shan e punjab, ava: Rangla Punjab 2010 Bhangra Competition All Teams Mix Part 1 pcbca and mvp (i think): Rangla Punjab 2010 Bhangra Competition All Teams Mix Part 2 AG and pcac (?) Rangla Punjab 2010 Bhangra Competition All Teams Mix Part 3
  20. Vijay

    Phumania beat request

    hey guys, i'm looking for a good phumania beat to add to mixes. i know tons have been added to this site before, but the media center is down and i didnt have much luck using the search function, if anyone can help i'd appreciate it. thanks!