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  1. DesiBoi


    hey guys, been a while. Was trying to update my music playlist, want some new ideas or songs I haven't heard or haven't head in a while. Was wondering if you all can share some of your favs atm. Currently my fav: DJ JsG - elevate Bhangra mixtape DJ Jassi- Chandigarh valli Ammy virk DJ Lucky-...
  2. DesiBoi

    Song help Anyone care to tell me the song name starting at 1:25?
  3. DesiBoi

    Song request

    Harry singh - Challa Remix By Dj Fresh . Does anyone have this track?!?
  4. DesiBoi

    Manji For Sale?

    Hey Guys Whatsup . I Live In Maryland not to far from the DC area, and I was really curious to know if anyone knows a way for me to get a manji? Renovating the basement in my parents house and we're planning to go folk with the theme and a manji would be absolutely PERFECT! We just don't know...
  5. DesiBoi

    Top Favorites

    Hey Guys! Idk If Theres Already a Topic for This So I Just Made One Thinking It Would Be Nice Knowing What Everyone Favors and Giving a Chance For Others To Listen Up To New Songs. But What Are Your Top Favorite Punjabi Songs to Bump To? My List: ANY Surjit Bindrakhia Songs (Tera Yaar Bolda...
  6. DesiBoi

    Mix Request!

    Can anyone make a mix to pani diyan challan by Feroz khan? something that you can just chill to. would really appreciate it! thanks in advance
  7. DesiBoi

    Song Help please

    Does anyone one know the song at 2:44 in the sher foundation bruin bhangra 2006 mix?
  8. DesiBoi

    DJ JD Ft Manjeet Pappu- Morni *Official Video*

    DJ JD ft Manjeet Pappu - Moorni **Official Video**
  9. DesiBoi

    Crazyyyyy Smh

    Gurudwara fight 9 (Sikh Temple Turlock USA) At a Gurdwara tthough, anyone know anything about this? any background info as in what happened?
  10. DesiBoi

    Boliyan Help!

    Anyone know what boliyan this is and if they have it and wouldnt mind uploading it? Thank you! Gurmit Beatbox Boliyan 1
  11. DesiBoi

    song help!

    Does anyone have the song Kainthe Walia Gabrua (Dance Mix)Begowalia??? Thanks In Advance :)
  12. DesiBoi

    Song Help!

    Anyone have the original to this song??
  13. DesiBoi

    DBI & AV ft Kaka Bhaniawala & Harleen Akhtar - Kehri Gal Tho **Teaser** Cant wait for this one to come out
  14. DesiBoi

    song help!

    Whats the song at 1:56?
  15. DesiBoi

    Amar Sandhu Performing at A Gig In Maryland

    Elite Entertainment and Dhol Beat International Present Amar Sandhu! Elite Entertainment FB Page: DBI FB Page: Amar Sandhu Elite Ent.
  16. DesiBoi

    song help!

    I Know This isnt much but for the most song or atleast the chorus he keeps saying "aaja" i think the song is gidde vich nachdi but im not sure
  17. DesiBoi

    Dhol Help!

    Hey Guys I know That theyre maybe alot of posts dealing with learning how to play the dhol but im just in a hurry and I really need to learn to play again. I did play many years ago but I need to start playing again for partyys and such. Im in the Maryland Area if theres anyone who dosnt mind...
  18. DesiBoi

    Redskins vs Cowboys

    Whos Ready :D Goodluck To Redskins and Cowboy Fans As I Am a Redskins Fan Ofcourse We Got This : D
  19. DesiBoi

    Songs To Work out To

    Hey Guys I Needed a Updated Playlist for Working Out And I was Wondering If Any of you Guys Were Willing To Share Some Sick Songs I Just Started Listening To Sukhwinder Grewal- Utla Which Is A Pretty Sick Song, So If You Guys Got Anything Good Please Share
  20. DesiBoi

    Look At These B.A.M.F

    زواج في الجنوب Crazy Wedding, Always wondered whered those bullets went