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    When are y'all gonna realize that going to a comp with Gary Kehra's name attached is gonna lead to issues? Same shit goes down at MCB every year, I don't know why anyone expected anything different with him as a judge lol
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    Make judging great - some low hanging fruit

    There are pros and cons to bringing fewer or more dancers. With fewer dancers you can potentially be cleaner, but your formations may not be as creative as a team that brings 16 dancers. I think these things tend to average themselves out in the rubric so in short, no, number of dancers...
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    UNC Bhangra Elite @ BIBX [Third Place]

    I won't touch on all of the great things about your set because many people have posted what I would have in previous comments. As mentioned above there was a pretty high level of energy displayed throughout the entire set with bursts of super high energy here and there BUT there was very little...
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    CIRCLE CITY BHANGRA COMPETITION: Create your own destiny!

    Please don't choose the lineup based on arbitrary mixer games. Pick show order randomly from a hat or something. 99% of the time I don't want to even be at the mixer, i'd rather be practicing or sleeping or chillin with my team. Don't make the mixer mean anything, keep it light and have decent...
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    Husky Bhangra @ R2B2 2016

    Congrats on the placing! Lots to improve on though. I think you guys were the beneficiaries of a relatively young lineup of teams and I think had the caliber of teams been a little higher you may not have placed. That being said, you guys don't decide who you compete against and you did place...
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    Yale Jashan Bhangra @ TOI 2016 -3rd Place

    Solid performance that I think will help give you guys some momentum going into next season. Definitely room for improvement though. I felt like you guys had a pretty big disparity between your top 4 and bottom 4. Like for every person that did something really well, there was someone on the...
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    **THIRD PLACE** - MOB Sydney @ Harbour City Bhangra 2016 VIDEO+MIX

    Congrats on the placing! Still lots of room for improvement though. these are obviously all my opinion so take these comments with a grain of salt Saaps: Either slow saaps down or step up your saaping game. That segment was obviously too fast for some of your dancers and it caused offbeat...
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    MCB 2016 REVIEW

    My problem with MCB is that it gets the same reviews year after year about how disorganized it is. So it's not about Gary being "perfect", it's about him being less of a shithead. On the flip side, if people feel so strongly about MCB being poorly run please stop applying. MCB can (and will...
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    Should I continue doing Bhangra ?

    I can relate to you man. I was also on the "B team" the first year I started dancing. I mean I was a really really terrible dancer haha. But the team became my family and my support system and I worked my ass off and have gotten to compete at pretty much every major competition in North America...
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    Cal Bhangra @ Legacy of Bhangra 2015 [2nd place]

    I was a little disappointed in this performance honestly. The Cal teams of old were so precise with every movement and often relied on clean, well executed bhangra to place. This was much messier than I expected and the overall dancing ability and stamina of the team as a whole was a little...
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    Who's here to claim the throne?

    DAV Jalandhar ;D can't forget about the UK scene too! JVD, GCC, and APPD have had some fire sets recently that rival, if not beat, some of those teams Gurekmann listed
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    Tufts Bhangra @ BBC 2015 [and Srujan 2015 + 3rd Place @ Boiler 2015]

    Really enjoyed this performance! I thought the set was kind of Fauj-esque and actually think the set had enough entertainment while incorporating more traditional bhangra segments and steps. In my opinion, this is the best collegiate set i've seen of this young competition season. I say that...
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    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    If you wanna change the game, stop fucking commenting about it on BTF. Watch some videos of teams you look up to, find their mistakes, take them off the pedestal you put them on, and realize that they started where you started. Then go to practice and work your fucking ass off. If people...
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    Tartan Bhangra Squad is a collection of cmu alumni who will be competing! Current CMU dancers are still performing as an exhibition
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    Melbourne Bhangra Regiment (MBR) @ Bhangra Down Under 2015 - 3RD PLACE

    First off, congrats on the placing! It's really cool to see the Australian bhangra scene starting to take off. Couple of critiques for you guys that I noticed while watching it once through: 1) Practice saaping. This is especially for the girls, but for some of the guys it's important as well...
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    really dope. props segments were hot and nakhra was great as well. I thought there were a few moments in the set where the mix had some funky transitions that didn't gel as well with the choreo, but that's just me being picky. also, the boli was sick! congrats!
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    Ministry of Bhangra (Sydney) First Place @ Harbour City Bhangra 2015

    Set was very solid, lots of high energy and high impact moments that were complemented by the mix very well. As mentioned, execution was lacking, but that will come with time, practice, and the advice posted from others above. I actually thought dancers looked more or less the same in terms of...
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    Windy City Bhangra Videos/Feedback

    What happened? It would be great to see a feedback thread about the comp!