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  1. kiddan morniye

    Sound Dock & Digital Camera Help!

    So I'm looking to buy a sound dock for my iPhone and a digital camera for my upcoming trip to Punjab in June. Digital Camera - I'm looking for something that has fast shutter speed and that takes crisp and clear pictures and videos. Sound Dock - Something LOUD so I can blast Nas all day long...
  2. kiddan morniye

    Rendeh - Surinder Saini

  3. kiddan morniye

    Morni - Nishawn Bhullar

  4. kiddan morniye

    Tera Cheta - Maninder Batth

    Tera Cheta - Maninder Batth & Pav Dharia [FULL HD] - Folkwaves
  5. kiddan morniye

    Remix Request - Kala Sap Ranga Suit ; Kulwinder Dhillon

    I was wondering if anyone has a nice remix for the song Kala Sap Ranga Suit... thanks [= "Kala Sap Ranga Suit Kulwinder Dhillon" Mundiyan Di Khair Nhi | Yaadan
  6. kiddan morniye

    Operation Blue Star

    I'm doing a paper on 1984: Operation Blue Star for English class, and was hoping someone with more knowledge could help me out with a question I have (and please feel free to post personal stories, thoughts, opinions, etc. for it will help immensely with my power point presentation) One thing...
  7. kiddan morniye

    Sikh Cab Driver Arrested with Rape Charges :|
  8. kiddan morniye

    Caste system in the Gurudwaras?

    Sorry if this is a re-post, but first time I'm seeing this. How do you claim to be a Sikh and then segregated amongst YOUR OWN KIND?! The gw contains the Guru Granth Sahib, which was formed to UNITE all Sikhs NOT divide us because of our 'caste'. A gw isn't a gw if it divides it's followers &...
  9. kiddan morniye

    Jogi - Amrita Virk

    JOGI - JR DREAD Ft: Amrita Virk (Full Official Video) Amrita Virk Jogi Jat Bangaye her voice <33333333
  10. kiddan morniye

    I pod help =/

    okay so I had my ipod in my bag and I had a bottle of water in there also (water was frozen) so I guess bc due to the melting of the ice the water that precipitated on the bottle got in/on my ipod. Along with it my battery died also, so it just started working today but now the problem is when I...
  11. kiddan morniye

    To whoever was looking for this song

    i don't remember who was looking/asking for this song..but here you go
  12. kiddan morniye

    Hyper Boli - Popsy

    POPSY - HYPER BOLI - HYPER that little boy in the blue chadra, that's that same little boy who did the amrinder gill / satinder sartaj performance right?
  13. kiddan morniye

    Blackberry help =|

    okay so all of a sudden the internet on my blackberry stopped working for instance if I put in it goes to loading, then requesting & then loading and nothing loads. All it shows is a white screen w/ the bottom saying 'loading' help please =(
  14. kiddan morniye

    Recomendations Please.

    hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new digital camera since mine broke during my trip to the Bahamas :( so I was wondering if you guys could recommend me a really good digital camera? I was looking into the Sony Cybershot H70 (so if anyone has/had it or knows anything about it, please do give your...
  15. kiddan morniye

    Song request

    does anyone have a remix of the song Peshi by Honey Singh & Bill Singh ? I have the original but just needed a remix to it... thanks in advance (=
  16. kiddan morniye

    Would you get offended?

    I've never understood why some Punjabi's get offended if they get called Indian.. explain please ???
  17. kiddan morniye

    I Phone 4

    I just got the iphone 4 and since it uses a micro sim I heard I can get my regular SIM card cut down to fit the iphone.. now my question is will I still be able to use that same cut down sim card back on my BB9700?