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  1. Sue Sylvester

    [FAUJ] All good things must come to an end.

    All Good Things Must Come To An End
  2. Sue Sylvester

    FAUJ @ BBC 2014 [DO NOT POST]

    Please do not post our performance from BBC tonight. We will post both TDot and BBC videos soon, but if you can afford us some time to do it ourself, we will appreciate it. Please accept this video to satiate y'all ravenous appetites for awesomr videos. :)
  3. Sue Sylvester

    [FAUJ] Bhangra At The Bell 2014 Intro Video ★★★★★

    Rock the dragon. :) FAUJ Intro @ Bhangra At The Bell 2014
  4. Sue Sylvester

    Compliments and Critiques

    Best team in the world. Flawless performance. Absolutely no mistakes. All negative critique is invalid and should be disregarded. In fact, saying "You guys have some of the best dancers in the circuit, I grew up watching you guys, but your sets do have mistakes.. but inspiring to see less and...
  5. Sue Sylvester

    >>> Anakh E Gabroo [AEG] @ Elite 8 Bhangra 2012 (HD) <<<

    [Anakh E Gabroo] Elite 8 Bhangra 2012 Note 1: Right at the beginning of khundey, my camera stopped recording so I wasn't able to get three segments. I realized at the beginning of jhoomer and started it back again. In fact, you can see me in the 2nd video starting the camera back on. lol Note...
  6. Sue Sylvester

    >>> Anakh E Gabroo [AEG] Promo for Elite 8 Bhangra 2012 <<<

    Had a bit more fun with this one :) [Anakh E Gabroo] Elite 8 2012 Promo Special shoutout to GTV and Juhi Desai for some amazing videos.
  7. Sue Sylvester

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ BOSTON BHANGRA COMPETITION 2011 ★★★★★ We would like to take a moment to thank our liaison Priya and the entire BBC committee for throwing an amazing competition. We had an insane amount of support from our fans and we could not have done this without them. Thank you, Boston. This...
  8. Sue Sylvester

    Elite 8 2012 Mid-Year Predictions...

    Considering that EMDO decides & sends out Elite 8 bids around late October and presumably since their year of evaluation begins around then, it's almost been 6 months. In the last 6-months/full year, we've definitely seen some teams bring their A-game and we've definitely seem some teams lose...