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    Reaper for Mac - :S

    Has Anyone used the program Reaper for mac, in terms of making a mix?? If so, Feel Free to share how you Determined BPMs, and/or Mixed down 2 tracks!!!!! Thanks :)
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    Benny Dhaliwal Goes to Prison

    Yaar Tera Ghore warga....NOT -.-
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    **Ganja Kush Dubstep Mix Sample**

    two words....FINISH ITT ;)
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    Dil Morh De DUBSTEP Remix

    Reasons Sooo Lagitttt
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    Best Mixing Software for a Mac

    Doess anybody have a link to a torrent for Soundtrack pro?? Need a Serial !!!
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    Surrey India Arts Club @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    DAMN !!! ;) Awesomee Ray !!
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    Reasons Why Women Go To The Club

    Been there, Done that ;)
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    Quran Burning in Florida

    I Know One Person going to Hell :p
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    how to make an electric/amplified tumbi

    HAIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! Shabaassh broo!
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    amaanProductions and TumbiBeatBreaker Collaboration (Video)

    Yo bro, you gatta try reason, it's legittt! But your stuff is sounddinggg wickedddd !!!
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    Judging at B.C's best

    There were 12 judges, and hella different camera angle positions, so they coulda took notes and compared. ???
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    for all the dholis...please help!!

    PLAY SLOW! It'll build up itself ;)
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    dhol thilli

    Haiiiii, that's good enough for me, i'ma go back to desi heads soon though :P and who's dhol is mic'd up here???
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    dhol thilli

    Anyone got good reviws for the Ebony Suede?
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    Attention Women:

    HAHAHAH haiiii :P Duck face Song and Video - OFFICIAL!!!!
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    Prom colors? PROM COLORS?!?!?!

    It's cha with Chocolate chip cookies or parle-G nowadays :P
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    Why the f**k is this forum turning into a place of hate?

    yooo niggga, i wasn't hating, just tryna help you become more original ;)
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    Prom colors? PROM COLORS?!?!?!

    Doingg gooood ;)
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    making mixesss!!!!! mssg up

    haha tu nee hatda :P