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    Boston Bhangra XVIII Judges

    Will this be live with audience, or via zoom/stream?
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    Selling Dhol / Shikke / Kato / Vardiyan

    Have any vardi for 8-12 year olds?
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    Shan-E- Punjab @ Dhamak Bhangra 2018

    Beautiful performance and amazing nakhra. I remember you guys came out with that bomb performance at jashan many years ago, and you guys are doing the same great things now. Pleasure to watch, and thanks to GTV for amazing quality footage.
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    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    There needs to be more financial support for a UK event like to happen, Mr. Singh. Especially with teams in the US, basic financial support can only run in the hundreds. I think Bhangra, in general, needs to be marketed a lot better, and then you will see comps like what your proposing happen...
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    Boston Bhangra CallOut 2018 #11

    YES! About to be LIT!!!!
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    need a mix for bhangra competition

    Rajbir Gill SGPD some of his previous work: contact:
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    need a mix for bhangra competition

    DJ Hans does mixes for event purposes like weddings, melas, etc.. Not sure he does team mixes, but there is a contact list thread for djs who do team mixes in the discussion section.
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    Looking to join a team in the Bay Area!

    Sent you email, thanks
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    GCC 1ST PLACE @ Bhangra Fest 2017

    Damn lol... I wanta do some bhangra now lol.
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    San Francisco Bhangra Club - Still recruiting? Lmk.

    San Francisco Bhangra Club - Still recruiting? Lmk.
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    Looking to join a team in the Bay Area!

    Hi Mafzal, I live and work in SF and was wondering if your team is still looking for members? I live in presidio, near usf. I don't have experience, but fast learner.
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    NSG @ Bruin Bhangra 2017 (2nd place)

    Damn you guys improved a lot, lol. Must have been hard to judge this comp. I can see why you guys got 2nd with little formation mistakes, but other teams had same issues, including KPGD, so I thought you guys should have at least tied for 1st, if possible. But I loved this performance, haha...
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    Would a competition have to have its own livestream service? What about competition committees using a portion of the money from registration fees into funding a livestream service? If teams don't like it, they don't have to register. Make it part of the registration contract, agreement, etc.
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    KPGD at Bruin Bhangra XIX- 1st place

    What I loved about this video was how different it was. Sets lately have been pretty standard, but a few teams like SPD, AEG, KPGD still really understand how to express folk and nakhra in a modern way. Definitely love the creativity, hoping you guys release the Virginia mela video soon.
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    UNC Bhangra Elite @ Buckeye Mela X

    Sick, UNC and Buckeye Bhangra best college bhangra teams on the circuit hands down right now. Good to see UNC make a come back, good luck in the future! Also, any chance of song list for mix?
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    Teams in SF

    I don't have experience, are first timers allowed?
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    Teams in SF

    I live in san Francisco and there aren't any teams in the city. The closest competitive teams are either in the East or South Bay. I would love to join if there is a team or class or anything. Thanks
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    Nachde Shokeen Gabroo (NSG) @ Sin City Bhangra 2013

    sick! that intro when u guys went in circles made me higher than i already was
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    Bhangra Outfits

    Romesh Dresses is a place that can get you quality instruments other than suits. If he cant hook you up with those, which is unlikely, he can refer you to other vendors in India or in the states that can help, but India is your best bet if you want quality instruments. My recommendation, if you...