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  1. nsingh947

    NHL Playoff Predictions!

    East Ottawa Boston Florida (surprise team of the playoffs this year i wouldn't be surprised if they go to the Finals after a huge absence from the postseason) Philly West Canucks (as a Ducks fan no way in hell i am ever going to root for the Kings) Sharks Blackhawks Red Wings
  2. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    BROCK LESNAR RETURNS TO WWE 2012 (RAW 4/2/12) omfg!!! haha i marked out no april fools joke after all, BROCK IS BACK!!!
  3. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    I just posted it above
  4. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    Haha that made me feel proud to be punjabi hopefully this taker HHH match lives up to the hype!! Can't believe sheamus won the title quick wtf lol
  5. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28
  6. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    Lol read it too this shit better not be an April fools joke hopefully he doesn't interfere in rock/cena
  7. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    Rock vs Cena- Rock wins otherwise i would take a Cena heel turn too thats what ive been dying to see hopefully Vince comes down and its a repeat of WM 17 only this time Cena would top an Austin heel turn in my opinion HHH vs Taker Hell in a Cell- HBK is going to screw HHH somehow i know they...
  8. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    CM Punk has been on a roll as of late and i expect him to be the next top guy in this business, he would make up for any lost sales in merch from a Cena heel turn, but i agree though about Rock becoming an actor instead of a wrestler... who the hell wants to risk their body 365 days a year in a...
  9. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    there is legit heat between the two thats what makes it so entertaining, Cena was the one who started all this in the first place talking smack about The Rock and his loyalty to the WWE... if Cena turns heel tommorow i will mark out and WWE will become at least watchable again, i already know...
  10. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    yeah i just hope the year hype of this match doesn't fail tommorow, then again its in the Rock's hometown of Miami and i don't see The Rock passing the torch to Cena like at WM 18 with Hogan/Rock, plus those guys were both cheered afterwards
  11. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    should be a great match tommorow, who will win?
  12. nsingh947

    NBA Predictions?

    NBA Finals Heat vs Thunder with Miami taking it in seven, NY should be a top contender with Chandler/Melo/Amare, Clippers should improve with the addition of CP3 and Billups
  13. nsingh947

    how to dance when your high on life part 2! lmao haha
  14. nsingh947

    new Limp Bizkit song

    only decent korn albums were the first three, life is peachy is the heaviest by far.... infest is the only papa roach album that is the best... limp bizkit= first 3 albums with my favorite being three dollar bill y'all... they went to shit after results may vary but hopefully Gold Cobra will...
  15. nsingh947

    new Limp Bizkit song

    haha its all good man... and i def agree LP's style has changed, first two albums were legit (heavy) and after that they went downhill with this pop-emo shit.... LB's style will always be the same and Fred even said in an interview this album will be the heaviest and their most complete...
  16. nsingh947

    r.i.p. macho man randy savage

    damn no more slim jim commercials :/... anyways one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step in the squared circle, going to be missed!
  17. nsingh947

    new Limp Bizkit song

    single off their new album Gold Cobra, comes out June 28.... shit is bangin can't wait for the album to come out!!! Limp Bizkit - Shotgun New Single (2011) (Full Song)
  18. nsingh947

    NBA Playoffs 2011

    Spurs in five Lakers in five Blazers in six Thunder in seven Bulls in a sweep Heat in five Celtics in six Magic in seven
  19. nsingh947

    NHL Playoffs Thread

    DUCKS FAN TILL I DIE.... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BOYS WIN ANOTHER CUP!! HERE'S MY PREDICTIONS FOR THE FIRST ROUND EAST Caps over Rangers in 5 Sabres over Flyers in 7 Habs over Bruins in 7 Pens over Lightning in 6 WEST Canucks over Hawks in 6 Sharks over Kings in 6 (f*** the Queens lol) Wings...
  20. nsingh947

    Wrestlemaina Stream

    its official as of tonight.... Rock vs Cena at WM 28 Next Year!! Oh man i can't wait....