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    HIIT Training Audio

    I'm wondering if anyone here who does HIIT has some audio to assist them with timing intervals. Like 30 seconds on, rest 30 seconds etc... it's really distracting to keep looking at my watch to know when to start and stop. If you have it set to house music that would be even better lol
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    New Jusreign video... punjabi music rant!

    WTF Punjabi Music Industry?
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    Epic Meal Time... Indian!

    Epic Indian Experience - Epic Meal Time
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    Utah Jazz Bear vs Cavs fan!

    Cavs Fan Gets In Fight With Jazz Mascot
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    Way too drunk

    Pretty old video, sorry if you've already seen it.. Viewer discretion is advised. way too drunk
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    Why some people don't deserve courtsite seats lol

    Check out :11 secs Manu's step-back buzzer beater
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    Waiting for Superman

    this is very sad Waiting for Superman Official Trailer especially meant for kush, sunny gill, ms dewett, harman, raman, and NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM
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    ...Now this is talent.
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    typewriter during a lecture

    hillarious... but I kinda feel bad for the kid at the end Typewriter at college
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    Amazing Singer from Patiala on Saregamapa

    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2010 Real Singing Superstar Kamal khan
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    What song is this??

    Anybody have the full track...or at least know the name?
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    New Jusreign Video!!! Most annoying brown guys

    Most Annoying Brown GUYS
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    Jusreign-Punjabi Parents are Crazy

    New Jusreign Video, very funny stuff ;D Punjabi Parents are CRAZY
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    World Of Warcraft kid freaks out!!

    dunno if its been posted before, but this is so funny..and disturbing in a way. his mother cancels his account, this is how he reacts
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    SGPD @ Bhangra Masti 3

    Moderator's note: Video removed as per team's request