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  1. SahilG

    Just a reminder

    That was filthy
  2. SahilG

    Boston Bhangra CallOut 2018 #1

    Sick concept
  3. SahilG

    Bhangra in the 6ix Predictions

    1. RVD/NJ 2.RVD/NJ 3. DDR
  4. SahilG

    How do you rationalize to yourself and others the amount of time you spend on Bhangra?

    Probably the most accurate thing I've seen on BTF. As much as you try to explain your love for bhangra, parents just sometimes won't get it so doing well in school becomes your only option to justify it and get them to complain less about it. In terms of friend, everyone hit the nail on the...
  5. SahilG

    Bruin Bhangra XX (2018) Predictions

    1. FCB 2. SPD 3.BK Excited to see FCB and SPD go head to head again after Big 10.
  6. SahilG

    Comoooonty Debate: Punjabi Top 3s

    Best 3 Current Singers (+/- 2 years): Diljit, Moosewala, Rajvir Jawanda GOAT 3 Singers: Chamkila, Bindrakhia, Manak Best 3 songs of all time (dance floor banger): Chitte Suit Te, De De Gera, Apna Punjab Hove Best 3 songs of all time (car/pregame banger): Putt Jattan De, Soorma(JazzyB), Naag
  7. SahilG

    Nachdi Jawani Joshiley @ Circle City Bhangra 2018 (1ST PLACE)

    Sher Punjabian nu drop was dope
  8. SahilG

    RVD at Buckeye Mela 2018

    This team gets better with every comp. Best set and perfromance I've seen from RVD. Drop @ 2:46 was my favorite part, keep it up!
  9. SahilG

    Buckeye Mela XI Predictions and Judges!

    1- Furteelay 2- KPGD 3- UNC/RVD
  10. SahilG

    Flying First Class

    This is sick!
  11. SahilG


    Is there a livestream?
  12. SahilG

    DAV College Jalandhar Bhangra 2017

    Intro was beautful. Uncomparable grace as usual.
  13. SahilG


    Bump. imo greatest music set of all time
  14. SahilG

    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    Thought this should've placed
  15. SahilG

    ♪♫ VSB de Waris - Bit6 & Boston Bhangra Mix ♪♫

    Whoever did the song selection for this mix KILLED it. One of the hottest mixes of the year
  16. SahilG

    VSB | Waris @ BBC 2017

    Mad potential in this team.
  17. SahilG

    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    Hypesr line up of the year for sure. Could go in any direction. 1/2- Furteelay/NSG 3-FCB