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  1. DesiBoi


    hey guys, been a while. Was trying to update my music playlist, want some new ideas or songs I haven't heard or haven't head in a while. Was wondering if you all can share some of your favs atm. Currently my fav: DJ JsG - elevate Bhangra mixtape DJ Jassi- Chandigarh valli Ammy virk DJ Lucky-...
  2. DesiBoi

    Song help Anyone care to tell me the song name starting at 1:25?
  3. DesiBoi

    Song request

    Harry singh - Challa Remix By Dj Fresh . Does anyone have this track?!?
  4. DesiBoi

    Manji For Sale?

    Yes, i did some research on how to make your own, doesn't seem to difficult to make one, home depot apparently shapes and cuts the wood as you would like it to be cut. only thing i see being difficult in making a manjha is the nylon ropes. also is there any website online where i can find old...
  5. DesiBoi

    Manji For Sale?

    Hey Guys Whatsup . I Live In Maryland not to far from the DC area, and I was really curious to know if anyone knows a way for me to get a manji? Renovating the basement in my parents house and we're planning to go folk with the theme and a manji would be absolutely PERFECT! We just don't know...
  6. DesiBoi

    Putt Jattan De [Drum & Snare Remix]

    This was a dope mix you. make a full one
  7. DesiBoi

    Top Favorites

    Lol Yeah If I Was On a Computer It Would Be But Since Im Typing This On My Phone Not Really : )
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    Top Favorites

    Hey Guys! Idk If Theres Already a Topic for This So I Just Made One Thinking It Would Be Nice Knowing What Everyone Favors and Giving a Chance For Others To Listen Up To New Songs. But What Are Your Top Favorite Punjabi Songs to Bump To? My List: ANY Surjit Bindrakhia Songs (Tera Yaar Bolda...
  9. DesiBoi

    Mix Request!

    ehh wasn't really feeling it cause of the rap : / Sorry
  10. DesiBoi

    Mix Request!

    Can anyone make a mix to pani diyan challan by Feroz khan? something that you can just chill to. would really appreciate it! thanks in advance
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    Mixes you've always wanted

    NYPD @ elite 8
  12. DesiBoi

    Song Help please

    Thank you :)
  13. DesiBoi

    Song Help please

    Does anyone one know the song at 2:44 in the sher foundation bruin bhangra 2006 mix?
  14. DesiBoi

    Bups Saggu - Global ALBUM DOWNLOAD

    Can You Upload GVs Album? Would Appreciate It, Hope Its Decent
  15. DesiBoi

    Tip Money

    Just like hardeep said the tip money is mostly picked up by the helper during the baraat, if there isnt a helper you can always go back and pick the money up, talk to the dj whos doing the gig to come upon a agreement as how the tip money is split and who will pick it up, its usually split...
  16. DesiBoi

    Song Help

    Whats the song starting at 3:22??
  17. DesiBoi

    DJ Sanj - American Desi 2 ALBUM DOWNLOAD

    Other then the 1st song, this album is trash
  18. DesiBoi

    DJ JD Ft Manjeet Pappu- Morni *Official Video*

    DJ JD ft Manjeet Pappu - Moorni **Official Video**
  19. DesiBoi

    Crazyyyyy Smh

    i think this fight started out with a group of men playing cards and gambling in the gurdwara or something along those lines. im not completely sure though