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  1. PunjabiSniper

    WBBC Competition Reviews

    First of all .. before i post ... my names Vijay ... sorry about the BTF name ... *PRETTY FOLKIN EMBARASSING* I came n danced with GCC at this years WBBC .... all i can say is ... AEG killllllllllllled it with this comp ... cant believe how well they looked after us. They went above and...
  2. PunjabiSniper


    this is fuckin SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! even my mum knew what song u were playing ... n she aint got a clue bout bhangra!!! BIGGGGG!!!
  3. PunjabiSniper

    Elite 8 live update thread

    n if BTF crashes now ill cry ... COM ON SGPD ... YEAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
  4. PunjabiSniper

    Complete Elite 8 Play-by-Play

    ur camera is toooooooo sickkkk ... BIG UPPPPPPPPPP!!! n rated to superwoman for da updates :D
  5. PunjabiSniper

    Bhangra Showdown Videos

    OMG SIMON U HIT DA NAIL ONDA HEAD ... das exactly wt iv been finkin since sat nite .... a team dancing pretty folk came 1st... but a team acting songs out comes 2nd??? makes no sense ... clearly a musician and a bhangra singer as judges just aint cuttin it!! also i hope some1 from imperial can...
  6. PunjabiSniper

    GCC performance UK bhangra team

    yea u guys r defo right ... i mean wen we do 4 man set then we have formations ... but we still tryna get the hang of these crazy formations u NA lot do at comps ... too sick at times!!! n i totally agree with the mixin it up wiv hip hop stuff ...that certainly adds a bit more hype to it ... but...
  7. PunjabiSniper

    GCC performance UK bhangra team

    hey guys ... appreciate the advice .. yea i get wot u mean to change it up every 4 beats but i aint guna lie ... i was kinda runnin out of moves to put in ... haha!!! defo u lot r right with the jhoomer ... lookin bk it does seem as tho its not as graceful as it shud b ... but the reason we...
  8. PunjabiSniper

    Casting for a Bhangra Music Video - VIP Records

    its for JK and the tracks called CHALLE MUNDIYAN!!!
  9. PunjabiSniper

    Panjabi By Nature - Kaun Nee Jaanda .. new song

    biggggggggggg new tune by PBN ... KAUN NEE JAANDA ... dis tunes blatently guna kill the dancefloors!!! BRUAHHH PBN - Kaun Nee Jaandah - Official Complete VIDEO high quality (
  10. PunjabiSniper

    Paani-Satinder Sartaj !!!!

    yea this guy is amazing ... i been watchin all his live stuff too ... this vid is amazing .... ਸਰਤਾਜ Satinder Sartaj Live *New*
  11. PunjabiSniper

    World Bhangra Competition - Question

    to all da ppl hating on UK bhangra ... you are right to a certain extent... but you have only seen the 1 dodgy university comp and somehow all your conclusions on UK bhangra stem from that. There are other teams like Waris Punjab De and Gabru Punjab De who have purely live sets... and there...
  12. PunjabiSniper

    Russel Peters Bhangra

    the funniest thing is actually at 29secs when the pink girl on the left is dancing wiv da chunni over her eyes... lolllllll ... dat takes skill .... n also 50 secs wen da girl rips his clothes off n den swings it n wacks him onda head ... im sure dat wernt inda script ... haha 2 sick!!!
  13. PunjabiSniper

    VCU Bhangra at Bhangra at Burgh 3 HD (first place)

    rippppppppped it uppppppp as always .... your jhoomer sets are always one of the best fings 2 wait for in the comps u enter.... SO CLEANNNNN N FRESH!!!! BIG UP VCUUU!!! NAYIIII REESANNNN
  14. PunjabiSniper

    Akhiyan baljit malwa remix

    please tell me your deaf ... cz if you're not .... surely u can hear hw shit it is ... n why wud u punish us too???
  15. PunjabiSniper


    no doubt this was sickkk ... but for me ... sgpd @ masti 2008 is still their best performance ever!!!
  16. PunjabiSniper

    Punjabi Sher Bhangra Please criticize! + Mix

    Re: Punjabi Sher Bhangra on the positives that mix was sickkkkkkkkkk (maybe a few too many tunes in there tho ... i swear no song ran for longer than 10 secs) ... outfits wer wkd ... paggs looked wkd ... but dancing was average man ... some of u guys r doin moves really half heartedly ...