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    Reaper for Mac - :S

    Has Anyone used the program Reaper for mac, in terms of making a mix?? If so, Feel Free to share how you Determined BPMs, and/or Mixed down 2 tracks!!!!! Thanks :)
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    Does Anybody know the beat/instrumental behind this, or is there an instrumental of this song??
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    My first draft for tis mix!

    Hey guys! I've worked on this mix for like 3 hours last night...and i wanted to throw it up here. Its a first any feedback would be appreciated. I call it...2 Legends 1 Track. The Chamkila Project
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    Techno / Trance / House Albums!!

    Does anybody know of any sites where you could download albums or song of this type of music????!!!! THANKS!!!
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    Manak-E New album link anyone??

    Does anybody have a link to where i cud download the new manak-e album Jatt Di sounds like such a wickedd album!!! THANKS!!!
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    Does anybody know the Bols for the Very first thora used in Tohar Punjabian Di - Bal-E?? Could you please post em up, its the thora that starts up the song. THANKS!!!
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    Song Request

    Hey if anyone has the track Boli Pauni - (late) Soni Pabla. Plz post!! i couldn't find it in the media center.(maybe i wasn't looking hard enough...idk) Thanks!!
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    Mic for your dhol?!

    I was wondering if anybody knew how to install a mic on ur dhol, best and easiest way possible?? i have a mic just need to install it...any help at all is appreciated!!
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    help with a song??

    anybody have the song "ni sada munda tein pateya"?? plz post mp3 or link... Thanks!!
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    MIX HELP!!

    Hey whats up guys?? i have a mix here and its for my school, could anybody touch it up and clean it up a bit?? Thanks Alot!!!
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    Another Track Help?!!

    Does anybody have the song punjabi maut ton darde naa???? Plz post Thanks!!
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    Old School Track Anyone??

    Anybody have the old jazzy b song "Agg De angaar"??? Its from the album sikhi khandiyon tikhi... Thanks!!
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    Does anybody have jugni malkit singh original??
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    Song Help!!

    Does anybody have the sing rangla punjab?? its goes rangla punjab mera rangla punjab. . . ????? thanks!!
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    Need Help With A Track!!?

    The lyrics for the song are "kinay sohne lagde punjabi gabroo jadon paun bhangre" ?????????
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    Does anybody have a big package of alot of sound effects?? or like a website where you could just download em??? Thanks.
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    whats the best dagga skin for your dhol?? and if you are from vancouver where is the best remo store???
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    mix creation?!?!

    Heyy whats the best way or program to create an awsome mix???
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    song help plz!!

    the lyrics for the song are: punjabian di pagh ate much nu salaaman," if you know the song or artist please let me know asap!! thanks!