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  1. mehabakshi

    Cal Bhangra @ Big 10 Bhangra

    Hi all - here's Cal Bhangra's performance from Big 10 Bhangra 2017! Shoutouts to our liaisons and big 10 committee for making this as smooth of a weekend as possible! This comp was unreal especially for a first year competition, definitely encourage more teams to apply in the future. Will...
  2. mehabakshi

    Cal Bhangra Workshop/Tryouts!!!

    Hey everyone! Cal Bhangra will be hosting workshops and tryouts this year! Workshops are going to be on Thursday 9/1 at 7 PM and tryouts will be on Tuesday 9/6 and Wednesday 9/7 at 7 PM. A few details: - You aren't required to go to the workshop to go to tryouts - You only have to come to...
  3. mehabakshi

    Cal Bhangra Tryouts

    Cal Bhangra is having tryouts on Tuesday 2/23 at 9pm!! Come out if you're in the area! They'll be held in room 230 Hearst Gym (off the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch in Berkeley). Here's a link to the tryout routine - Feel free to message me if you...