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  1. nsingh947

    wrestlemania 28

    should be a great match tommorow, who will win?
  2. nsingh947

    how to dance when your high on life part 2! lmao haha
  3. nsingh947

    r.i.p. macho man randy savage

    damn no more slim jim commercials :/... anyways one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step in the squared circle, going to be missed!
  4. nsingh947

    new Limp Bizkit song

    single off their new album Gold Cobra, comes out June 28.... shit is bangin can't wait for the album to come out!!! Limp Bizkit - Shotgun New Single (2011) (Full Song)
  5. nsingh947

    r.i.p. nate dogg

    always had the illest west coast joints... my fav of all time Warren G - Regulate ft. Nate Dogg
  6. nsingh947

    song request

    dupatta- deep jandu/miss pooja
  7. nsingh947

    he's back lol

    The Rock returns to WWE Raw - 2-14-2011 (Entrance)
  8. nsingh947

    botal manni sandhu

    can someone post it up? thanks
  9. nsingh947

    any good underground hip hop songs

    need a couple of songs
  10. nsingh947

    Hallare- Kaka Bhaniawala

    can someone post it? thanks!
  11. nsingh947

    football season starts tommorow

    any predictions? super bowl champ? most improved team? team/player that will be biggest dissapointment this year? MVP? Can the Saints repeat? Division Winner Predictions: AFC West: Chargers!!!!! AFC South: Colts(going to have a breakout year as always) AFC East: Jets (addition of LT and...
  12. nsingh947

    song request kaka bhaniwala

    song goes something like nath dig paye, soniya yaara... if you have a good remix post it up please... thanks!
  13. nsingh947

    song request

    anyone got the song Pao Bhangra by Gary Hothi
  14. nsingh947

    song request

    can anyone post the song peeni halle hor by Billa Bakshi... its a new song i believe
  15. nsingh947

    blackhawks take stanley cup

    that was a wierd goal to win it in OT but it crossed the line... damn feel bad for the Flyer fans
  16. nsingh947

    stanley cup finals

    whats your take and how many games? i got Philly in six
  17. nsingh947

    Squeeze It- DJ Frank E ft Dada Life and Tiesto

    crzy song... heard its going to be in Step Up 3D DJ Frank E ft. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze it (step up 3) anybody have this song btw.... ive been trying to look for it everywhere
  18. nsingh947

    song request

    does anyone have the song shera naal yaari by deep jandu
  19. nsingh947

    new limp bizkit song

    off of their new album Gold Cobra, comes out this summer.... track is titled Why Try... really sick can't wait for their album to drop Limp Bizkit - Why Try (New Song) (Lyrics)
  20. nsingh947

    anticipated albums

    what do u think are the most anticipated albums to come out this year? can't wait for Eminem's Recovery, should be sick